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Comment Broadcast doesn't matter. (Score 1) 102

Maybe Japan is different, but I really suspect that 4K and 8K broadcasts are simply not going to be a big thing. People who with the latest technology are a lot more into streaming than broadcast TV.

The broadcasters giving streaming services another leg up seems idiotic, and business as usual.

Comment Re:So the protest... (Score 1) 255

This was probably pretty easy for them. Apparently they have two people watching the movie, and they discuss it afterwards. They also watch it in "cinema-like" conditions, which I guess means they also have a projectionist.

The price is probably worked out assuming that there are going to be a lot of controversial films, that need long reports, management sign off, discussion with the film-maker over what needs to be cut to get a rating and the potential for appeals.

None of this really applies here.

Comment I guess they have that right. Bad idea though. (Score 1) 442

I can totally understand that they don't like adblock. And I guess there's no reason they shouldn't bar them, if they feel it appropriate. They aren't part of the advertising industry, after all.

However, they are clearly operating in the same sphere. It would benefit the advertisers have both sides aware of the views of the other.

Comment Re:Gets out popcorn (Score 1, Insightful) 103

He also committed to a yearly $50,000 donation to help students produce socially conscious short films.

Good for him. I hope they represented a wide range of viewpoints and opinions.

Look, the objection to "SJW"s isn't that they're socially conscious. The basic principles they claim to support are all well worth supporting. It's the level of bigotry and hatred of anyone who doesn't share the exact same opinions that comes with it. If you have a socially conscious movie then that's great. Go for it.

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