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Comment: Re:Wrong idea: too much skin colors. (Score 1) 171 171

Detecting nipples shouldn't be too hard. We could assign a probability based on relative location to the face, colour difference and size. Although a lot of "artistic" nude shots don't show that. The problem here is that they tend to hint at nakedness rather than explicitly show it.You can't detect everything that might be considered rude using a single algorithm.

Comment: I really hope its a bit smarter than that!` (Score 1) 171 171

A women in a bikini - acceptable for all but the most puritanical of people - will have a lot of skin. A woman flashing her top will have a lot less skin than that.

The algorithm seems to do some stuff with "curves" - whether this looks for breasts or just female body shape is something I'll have to play with when I'm not at work.

Comment: Re:It's not about knowing, it's about understandin (Score 1) 342 342

Yes, so? If I was using a SPARC I'd be assuming register based passing.

If it was to be used in a calculation, and the architecture doesn't have operations on constants then I'd know it would go into a register. I wouldn't know which register, but that wasn't the point. The point is knowing it will be stored in a register. In the case of a SPARC, and if we're using it as a function parameter, and if there are fewer than 8 parameters, and if the parameters are all simple types, then it will be stored in one of the upper 8 registers in the window, and a competent programmer with low level SPARC experience will be able to tell you exactly which.

Comment: Re:Nobody has a right to a market (Score 1) 50 50

I can understand this for the basic author's copyright, but the companies involved here aren't creators. Or consumers. They're middlemen. We don't need them. If we get content from another source, (e.g. Netflix US), the copyright owner still gets money. It comes from Netflix US rather than the local NZ distributor.

The publisher knows full well that some people will be using Netflix US through VPN or DNS spoofing services, and that this represents an increased value fro the company so will charge accordingly.

Comment: Nobody has a right to a market (Score 2) 50 50

Companies contend there's little incentive to buy content from other providers if their customers already have access to it online.

So don't then. The customers don't need it. They can access it online.

We don't outlaw bread making machines in order to keep bakers in business either.

Comment: Re:Knowing when not to (Score 2) 342 342

As a programmer, I don't want to be replaced easily, and I don't care about my work when I'll die, or even when I quit my company.

As a programmer, I make sure I remain employable by doing the best job I can do. Partly this is about basic ethics, but I know that even if I write ideal code, with perfect documentation, I'm still the best person to understand that. I don't want to work for any company I work for that doesn't realise this.

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