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by 91degrees (#48214179) Attached to: Proposed Penalty For UK Hackers Who "Damage National Security": Life
Speeding is different. It's a strict liability crime. You are charged whether you know you're speeding or not.

Not knowing it's a crime is not a defence. However, not knowing that you're even doing the act is a defence. Aunt Tilley had no way of knowing that the emoticon was infected, so she's not guilty. If she did know it was infected but was not aware that infecting someone's computer with a trojan was a crime then she would be guilty.

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The attacker is already established by precedent. Most crimes have a "Mens rea" requirement - an intent to commit the crime. Aunt Tilly didn't have any intent so she's not guilty. The person who created the emoticon hack was intending to do commit a crime.

The victim is anyone who suffered loss. The company and anyone whose password was stolen in this case.

This really is a solved problem in law.

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I can't wait to read some hate-filled slashdotter's pathetic tirade against women. Have at it, chaps.

Women: A ridiculous liberal myth

It amazes me that so many allegedly "educated" people have fallen so quickly and so hard for a fraudulent fabrication of such laughable proportions. The very idea that an enire gender seprate from male exists, is ludicrous...

Sadly I don't really have the time to do justice to such a classic troll.

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It depends on whether the TV floats or not. Usually the question uses rocks or something that will obviously sink, but the GP was making a joke rather than asking seriously.

The answer though - when in a boat, the displacement is equal to its own weight. When submerged, the displacement is equal to its own volume. In the case of rocks, they have quite a small volume or large mass relative to water. Therefore the water level will go down. I think.

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I had no idea the Six Million Dollar Man was based on a book.

I think those who grew up in the 80's were spoiled somewhat by a lot of original characters and stories from Spielberg and Lucas. You are quite right though. Of the AFI's top 10 films of all time, 7 are based on books, and oneof the others (Lawrence of Arabia) is biographical. Only Citizen Kane and Singing In The Rain are original.

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