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Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 787

The article doesn't go into a lot of detail about the justification for the lawsuit. It looks like they're after punitive damages for wrongful arrest discrimination and whatever else they can get to stick. No idea how successfuk this would bel

2) once the jury hears about his overly-activist father and the lawyer's insinuation that the whole thing was a set-up?

I seriously doubt that they expect this to get anywhere near a jury. These things are usually settled out of court. Lawsuits are expensive for the defendant even if you win.

Comment Re:Backdoor-ed RaspberryPi ? (Score 1) 167

No. It doesn't.

Sadly this seems to be media hysteria more than anything else. Let me give you an analogy - you know how often the media completely screws up the technical detail relating to pretty much any science or tech story, completely missing the point of anything more complicated than web browsing? The do exactly the same when it comes to law.

Comment Re:It's not a sound strategy (Score 1) 195

Personal debt is slavery. As you say, business debt is quite a different animal. The debt becomes part of the business, which you can relatively easily divest yourself of. You no longer have the business but you also no longer have the debt.

Of course, personal debt being slavery is a bit of a simplification as well.

Comment Re:Why did they buy based on "cores"? (Score 1) 311

Turns out they ALL had 19 micron tape-heads (whatever the hell that *meant*) as it was the spec for a VCR tape head, at the time, at least. It was just another bit of science-y sounding technobabble to put on the card.

First episode of "Mad Men" has something similar to this, with an "it's toasted" slogan.

For the nerds who are wondering (this is a site for nerds after all), and don't already know (this is a site for nerds after all), the tape head is essentially a C-shaped electromagnet with a 19 micron gap between the prongs. It needs to be 19 microns wide to work with VHS tapes.

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