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Comment: Net neutrality is a solution to a specific problem (Score 2) 129

by 91degrees (#48475643) Attached to: Wikipedia's "Complicated" Relationship With Net Neutrality
It's not an ideal. It's not even optimal. There are arguments for imbalance. Net neutrality is a solution to a problem in the US- that of a small cartel having undue control over the internet.

There are reasons you might want to have a two tier internet, and even if there aren't it's not impossible that we might want them in the future. Most countries there's enough competition for this to self regulate to a degree.

Comment: Re:Turing test is fine (Score 1) 68

by 91degrees (#48443893) Attached to: Upgrading the Turing Test: Lovelace 2.0

Imagination is not optional for intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to build mental models and manipulate them.

I like this thought. Not quite sure what counts as imagination though. Does the ability of a chess algorithm to model hypothetical future board positions count?

My experience - writing a very simple rubik cube solver as an undergraduate project - I rejected the two simple solutions for a trivial case (requires 1 turn to solve). So it turned the opposite face, then turned the first face, then turned the opposite face back. This had the appearance of a creative solution even though the algorithm was dumb.

Comment: I do wonder why it's taken so seriously (Score 1) 68

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It was Turing's first attempt to answer the question "what makes a machine intelligent?". As a mathematician he wanted an empirical answer so he felt that the Turing Test would be a good test. A decent idea, but remember, computers had only been around for a few years. I don't know if he'd ever written a program.

But what he had was a user requirements list. He didn't have a working implementation. He had "computer must be able to respond like a human to questions asked", so we have software that fits those requirements. But it's not obvious that it's intelligent. Personally I think computer chess shows more signs of intelligence. It requires imagination, prediction and abstraction. These seem much more important than ability to communicate with a human.

Comment: Re:Already has 147 'Terrible' ratings (Score 1) 307

by 91degrees (#48415717) Attached to: UK Hotel Adds Hefty Charge For Bad Reviews Online
It's a devious ploy to step people from mobbing the review site with bogus 1-star reviews.

Although I checked yesterday and ther were 150 negative reviews, and the three newest ones looked fairly legit. I think Trip Advisor is deleting any review added since this story hit the interwebs.

Comment: Re:The Beschdel test is a strange starting point. (Score 1) 641

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According to this site, yes. Honestly, if I looked harder I probably could have found a worse example - to give Flash Gordon its due, it does portray women as professional reporters and generals, and Princess Aura is far from the stereotypical princess in the tower.

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