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15 Mod points????

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  • For about the last 6 to 9 months, when I get mod points, I usually get 15. Sometimes I get just 5 still, though. I got 15 on Friday, and didn't use a one of them. It's like /. has an interface to my calendar and only gives me mod points when I'm about to be away from computers for most of the next 72 hours.
    • After you have chosen how to mod a post, WHERE IS THE STINKING SUBMIT BUTTON? I can't find it!
      • by rk (6314)

        It's all AJAXy, now. The moment you pull the vote down, it's cast and you can't change it... so be sure you've got a good grip on your mouse and read carefully.

        I prefer the old "Vote" button, but that appears to be another victim of the wacky changes around here.

  • By only posting irregularly, metamodding irregularly - I've been getting about 5 mod points every week.

    • by Nethead (1563)

      I haven't metamodded for over a year. I did just do a slew of posting yesterday on one topic, maybe that's why I got the 15 now. I noticed it when I went to your journal and modded up some replies. But, yeah, I've been getting a 5 spot about once a week.

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