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Comment Re:Stop randomly searching minorities. (Score 1) 59

The world is made up of shades of grey.
Cops need to start respecting the people and their rights again. The average person is not a (serious) criminal* so stop treating us as such. Police are supposed to serve the public. Demanding we respect you when you act like thugs is not a good approach.
Some minority communities have enormous problems. Black communities seem to produce way too many criminals and they keep murdering each other. Ignoring these problems is not resolving them.
It's possible we all need to get our shit together.

* Completely unrelated problem, nobody actually knows all the laws.

Comment Re: these new companies trying to get around old l (Score 2) 261

If by "compelling reasons" you mean a strongly entrenched and well funded lobby of dealers who already own the politicians then yes, there are indeed compelling reasons. Did you ever wonder why dealerships are so often inherited? The story of how dealerships got their near monopoly status enforced by law is quite interesting.

Comment Re: It's about time... (Score 1) 193

Anti-SJW people are trolls

Says the AC.
You were doing great until that last paragraph. You clearly have no clue what you're talking about and should probably educate yourself about the people / groups you are disparaging before you embarrass yourself by saying something like that in front of a rational person in real life. Just a friendly suggestion, I won't hold my breath.

Comment Re: Morons (Score 1) 321

They also hardly ever watch the movie till the end

When I fill up my car with gas, I'll either throw in a couple gallons (I'm on fumes and in a huge hurry) or fill it all the way up. Both of these are examples of me taking what I need before leaving the station. Under no circumstances will I attempt to take all the gas the station has or empty my bank account buying fuel. Once I've got my requisite amount of fuel, it's mission accomplished and I'm outta there. If you're into watching pron for the witty banter and special effects more power to you, but once I get what I came for pulling a casper* makes good sense to me.

*YMMV if you try this in real life.

Comment Re:B-b-b-but GUNZ is SKEEERY!! (Score 1) 331

Though you look to be good at trolling...

I gave you your own words and an honest opinion. Are you really crying I'm "trolling" you with your own words or is it the idea of people with a differing opinion that disturbs you so?

...and calling anyone who calls you on it an ad hominem thrower.

The word you used was "idiot". I even gave you the definition of "ad hominem" to be sure you understood what I said. Piss off.

Comment Re:B-b-b-but GUNZ is SKEEERY!! (Score 1) 331

You just make a fundamental change in your argument.
Initially, you said "And the root cause of people being scared of guns is guns killing so many people.". In that statement you are clearly intimating the "root cause" is "guns".
Now you've said it's "people killing so many people with guns" so the cause is now "people".
I'm glad you agree with my point now. Maybe next time I can teach you how ad hominem does not help you win an argument.

Comment Re:Try again. (Score 1) 94

you and I and 99.9% of the world have zero insight into this.

So let's review what we know of the situation and make our decisions based on the facts available?
BB: It's our responsibility as a responsible company to let TLA's and LEO's in on our customer's data if they have a good reason.
Apple: Was publicly sued to compel cooperation in unlocking a phone.

As far as I can see we can't definitively say who is doing what, but which company would you say has a better chance of giving a shit about keeping customer data secure?

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 2) 193

...which prevents us from making reasonable changes.

There is also a segment of the population for which the actions constituting "reasonable changes" can not be honestly applied to the phrase "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.". There is just not a lot of wiggle room in how that amendment is written.

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