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Comment Re:And for all of us who prefer RPN? (Score 5, Informative) 245

Last time I checked the 50g was their top of the line calculator. Well built, powerful enough and with a good, clear, easy to read BW lcd. Software wise... it has not changed much. The 50g uses its "powerful" 200mhz processor to emulate the old 4-8mhz saturn one, the software in gneneral is just a minor evolution from the one found in an older 49g, it runs faster but thats about it. The one gripe I have with the 50g is its battery life, probably related to the fact that it its running everything emulated.

Do I hope HP will do something about its aging calculator lineup? No.
Am I happy with the current calculators? Yes.
Will I be tempted to buy a Casio or a TI? Hell no, once you go RPN you never go back.


Asteroid Crashes Likely Gave Earth Its Water 138

Diggester writes "Asteroids from the inner solar system are the most likely source of the majority of Earth's water, a new study suggests. The results contradict prevailing theories, which hold that most of our planet's water originated in the outer solar system and was delivered by comets or asteroids that coalesced beyond Jupiter's orbit, then migrated inward."

Comment Re:I miss WebOS (Score 1) 106

The original palm pre was poorly engineered, the slider was a mess and flex cables were a prominent point of failure (had some issues with power managment too). further revisions improved the design but early adopter certainly got sub-par hardware. The pre plus addressed some of the most notable quality issues. The pre 2 improved further and the pre 3 was a completely new and much more solid design. Pixi phones were simple and tough. The touchpad had some problems with the housing (brittle plastic, hairline cracks). Thats the state of Palm/HP hardware. TL,DR: not great.

Comment Re:April fools (Score 0) 470

Sorry it seemed like an insult, it wasnt intended in that way, I also apologize for my spelling and overall english, the previous message was written on a touchscreen and in a language other than my own.

I saddens me that your post had no relation to the article, what is happening on NY is wrong and sad, a complete lack of common sence a propper judgement, I wrote the above reply in a hurry and it seems that the points I was trying to make did not came out as clear as I desired, I had more than a couple of problem with your post, lest start with what you said here:

That's just a test. God values faith very highly, far above living morally (which is impossible).

The texts you cited (- James 1:2-3, - Galatians 3:10-11, 23-25, - James 1:2-3) make reference to the source of righteous behavior and the law of Mosses, they state that righteous behavior comes from faith and that the laws of Moses are deprecated(Its important to note that the ten commandments are not part of Moses law's) That doesnt mean that morality is not important anymore, not at all, morality is not following rules, a moral act is a good human act made with will and with full use of human freedom. Doing something good just because is law is not a proper moral act. Morality is ever so important in the life of a christian as evindenced in the following passage

"What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister has nothing to wear and has no food for the day, and one of you says to them, 'Go in peace, keep warm, and eat well,' but you do not give them the necessities of the body, what good is it? So also faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead. Indeed someone might say, "You have faith and I have works." Demonstrate your faith to me without works, and I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works. You believe that God is one. You do well. Even the demons believe that and tremble." James 2:14-19

Making scientific evidence which contradicts His word is just a way to solidify our faith.

This was said without any backing whatsoever, science is a quest for truth, the bible is not a scientific text and cannot be taken as such

The science is wrong. It's just a test. No matter what people say I will keep my faith. God told me to expect this in advance:

For this you cited Jame, who was addressing a christian community which faced rejection and posibly persecution, you took the text out of context and bended the meaning, James was not addressing a bunch of science deniers whose faith consisted on dinosaurs walking earth among humans, this were different people thus, out of context both James and Lucas texts are not apt for the purposes you intended

If you take your comment seriously you better try and make it look like one that actually is, there is a big gap between christian faith and what you try to pass as a serious post, if your post tried to be critique of christianity it would have to go deeper to be considered serious, if it was just a tasteless joke on the expense of christians and homosexuals well... you succeded.

Comment Re:April fools (Score 1, Insightful) 470

Don't know if serious or really extrapolating things too far. I am no bible expert but I'm fairly sure that the galatians passage was about the old law of Moses. Things like feast, food laws, offerings and sacrifices. The James passage talks about religious persecution. Same thing with Luke. I see nothing wrong philipians either.

You have to take in consideration that texts like Romans, Galatians and Philippians were letters, addressed to specific communities which might have been unde persecution at the time. Its not nice to cherry pick passages and bend their meaning to appeal hive mentallity, that stuff I expect from fox news or /r/circlejerk, not a slashdot commen (I .am new here). While not all christians seem to think so, faith has nothing to do with the practice of science and its discoveries, after all, doesn't science seek truth?

Now lets focus on the topic and discuss this stupid ban


Submission + - HP to Open Source WebOS (

pscottdv writes: This year the artists formerly known as Palm had quite a rough few months with HP dumping the hardware side of their own webOS mobile computing platform – their most recent move, having been announced just last month, is live today: open sourced webOS for all. While the actual main product which will be known as Open webOS 1.0 will not be released until September, they’ve already got the Enyo piece of the pie available today.

Comment Re:Nothing is free (Score 1) 585

Even gas powered, non hybrids can get very decent millage without disregarding safety. The chevrolet cruze eco gets 43 mpg highway while scoring 5 stars on the euro ncap, it also very roomy and the interior is very nice. This is without start and stop, direct injection, and individual, computer operated valve timing (ala fiat's multiair).

We have the technology, we need a commercial reason


The Next Phase of Intelligent TVs Will Observe You 294

An anonymous reader writes "Japan based NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) is testing an interface which observes TV viewers, determines their interest and provides information related to the TV program in accordance with the way they are watching it. UTAN (user technology assisted navigation) TV viewing interface, as it is called, has a camera mounted on the TV which photographs the viewer and estimates the viewer's degrees of interest, concentration, etc. The information is processed by a tablet PC and recommended information is shown to the viewer. It is possible to show individual interests as well, in case there are multiple viewers."

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