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Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 602


I lived in Boulder about 20 years ago and remember Denver drivers as being the least courteous with which I have ever dealt. I learned not to signal lane changes until I was already drifting part-way into the lane because otherwise my signal seemed to be the cue for everyone to close up on my target gap.

Nice to see there is a way to get them to behave, even if it takes an act of God.

Comment Re:Arleady problematic now (Score 1) 602

No lines, not easy for the car to tell what exactly the trajectory should be. Whereas humans can more or less guess based on the surrounding and know where the "virtual lane" should go (and TFA's idea is that this guess-work will force drivers to be more prudent and slow down.

I saw a documentary on the development of self-driving cars some 10 or more years ago and they were already using other visual cues besides lane markers. For example the subtle difference in shade between the track of the tires and the lane center.

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