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Comment Useless (Score 1) 151

He'll have to check the camera footage every couple of minutes for this to be of any use (i.e. to catch an intruder in the act). Guarding his house has just become a full-time job. Also, the robot would have to be pretty quiet to allow it to sneak up on an intruder. And how good are the camera images going to be in the dark?

Submission + - Hollywood Prepares to Voyage to the Moon (

MarkWhittington writes: President Barack Obama may not be interested in voyages to the Moon because, as he famously put it, Buzz Aldrin has already been there. But a number of voyage to the Moon. Three film projects in development suggest that Hollywood is interested.

Two projects under development are based on the premise that there were secret Apollo missions to the Moon that took place after the official last voyage to the Moon, Apollo 17, that took place in December of 1972. A third project is about a private expedition to the Moon to take place in the future with the goal of establishing a lunar colony.

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