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Comment Not a "Big Deal" (Score 0) 303

Natal is a gimmick.

There, I've said it. While the technology is undeniably incredible (the implications for game customization are very attractive, as shown in the E3 spot, and intelligent recognition is an exciting emerging technology), I cannot imagine a scenario in which I would even want to apply this to playing video games. What many people seemingly do not realize is that controllerless input for video games has been tried and it has failed several times over the years. (Do you even remember the Sega Activator? U-Force? Probably not, because they were utter failures!) I don't want to have to jump around my living room to play the latest Super Mario incarnation. Stop making us wave our arms and legs around like idiots just to play a game. (Plus, if we all give up controllers, my huge thumbs will be genetically undesirable! D:)

Comment "Gameplay unveiled?" (Score 3, Insightful) 30

What gets passed as "gameplay footage" these days is saddening at best. The clip shows assumingly in-game animations, yes, but there is no actual playing going on. To save those who can't watch this the trouble, the video just shows off shiny new shaders and high res texturing detail (which is, admittedly, mildly alluring). Kratos is doing the typical moves found in God of War, God of War II, God of War: Chains of Olympus, ...

I'm excited for the game, most definitely, but this trailer completely misses anything interesting a prospective player or long-time fan might want to see, like the mythological beasts and characters and engaging story that the game series has brought to us in the past.

Trailer rating: "You missed the point. Come back after class to try again."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Second Penny Arcade Game Due Out This Week 68

Hothead Games has announced that the second episode of the Penny Arcade: On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness series is coming out this Wednesday, and they've released a trailer showing off some of the gameplay. ACG has an interview with Hothead's Joel DeYoung discussing the series and explaining some of the decision-making that went into its development. The game will launch for Linux, Mac, PC, and Xbox Live, with a PS3 version coming later. Feedback from players of the first game in the series inspired a $5 decrease in price this time around.
Math Finds Optimal 25-Mark Golomb Ruler 265

kpearson writes "'s 8-year-old OGR-25 distributed computing project has just proven conclusively that the predicted shortest 25-mark Golomb ruler is optimal. 'The total length of the ruler is 480, with marks at positions: 0 12 29 39 72 91 146 157 160 161 166 191 207 214 258 290 316 354 372 394 396 431 459 467 480. (This ruler may alternatively be expressed in terms of the distance between those positions, which is how dnetc displays them: 12-17-10-33-19-...).' 124,387 people participated in the project and two people found the shortest ruler, one on October 10, 2007 and the other on March 24, 2008."

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