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How much of a paycut would you take...

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  • It would be an honor to take a pay cut, so that my senior executives can receive a larger bonus. They obviously need the money more than I do.

    • Corporatism is about money, not productivity. So if the corporation can make more money by laying off more employees, then of course Management should be rewarded. And bonuses don't just get handed out to senior executives, but to all levels of Management, depending on how fast they can get people to work for the least amount of money.

      It's often the little things that count, like knowing the names of your underlings and smiling at them and giving them a corporate Christmas card that can motivate them to wor

      • by dpilot ( 134227 )

        Your response was complete after the first sentence.

        If life is all about money, and revenue is the highest possible motive, you're absolutely right.

        I'm not a socialist, it just doesn't work. But I believe capitalism and greed are tools, not ends. Capitalism as an end doesn't work, either. Ask Marx, and don't discount what he says just because he's a commie pinko.

        By the way, I already know that the reason I still have my job is because I'm in a "mature" industry, and it just isn't worth it for my employer

        • I'm not a socialist, it just doesn't work.

          "Socialism" and "capitalism" are not discrete philosophical units as your statement seems to imply [1], nor is "race" or colour (I was going to comment on the fact that the article references the "white", "Hispanic" and "black" races; but not the "brown", "red" or "yellow" races, amongst the thousands of others. "Colour" unfortunately is continuous, as are the cultural traits which define what colour a person is). But some people just say I'm crazy, so what I think probably doesn't matter.

          1. There ar

          • by dpilot ( 134227 )

            I know they're not. But you opened this using "socialist" as an epithet, rather like "liberal" has unfortunately also become these days.

            Interestingly, as commonly implemented in the real world, extreme socialism and capitalism resemble each other to an uncanny degree - a small group of people with most of the wealth weilding most of the power, and the rest. For the former, they called these groups "The Party" and the "protelariat." For the latter, rich and poor. Key difference, when properly constrained

            • when properly constrained, capitalism works very well - socialism doesn't.

              That's the mythology. Too bad I'm mentally incapable of believing what people tell me. I haven't been socialized properly, so the confabulations and rationalizations of Facts haven't had time to effect my brain. If I could understand the logic of how people rationalize their belief systems then perhaps I would be a lot smarter, or maybe I'd just be more of an idiot.

  • year in my career at my first company my pay jumped from $29,250 to $38K, when I finally got transferred from quality assurance to development. For me that was the difference between scrimping and living the lifestyle that I wanted. So given that I still basically live like $38K is plenty (and if I knew then that this downturn would be so severe and so extended), I would've taken over a 50% pay cut. I've certainly rode the salary curve up during good economic times, so I wouldn't grumble too much abo

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