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Comment Re: NUKEM!! NUKEM NOW!! (Score 1) 728

Do we want keep being attacked for ever? Yes, a lot of civilians would die. They already are on both sides. If you eliminate the problem complete, it won't come back. We just need to grow some balls and do it.

do you realize that the number and virulence of armed groups has been increasing steadily since 2002?
there is no way you could possibly 'win' this 'war' throwing more fire at the fire. even the military know that.
and there is no way homeland security can actually protect its citizens. that's utter nonsense.

so citizen everywhere will be paying the price for someone's war and power games. my guess is that this has already been accounted for, and your little patriotic civilian life is equally expendable and on the line as any other. good luck with your crusade.

Comment Re: NUKEM!! NUKEM NOW!! (Score 1) 728

In my point of view, drone strikes are serious crimes just like terrorist attacks but the two things should be kept apart and not one can justify the other.

moot point since the other part hasn't the tech to respond with drones. bottom line is: you screw with people, they will respond with whatever they can respond with.

it's now a plague very difficult to deal with, but 'we' created it in the first place. that's not justification, it's just understanding cause and effect and why things happen. maybe there's other solutions besides sending in drones, and maybe we could learn from the past to not make the future even worse. sadly, i doubt it.

Comment Re: Leave no H1-B behind! (Score 1) 167

Alas, here in the UK a lie on your CV/resume once found out, can result in a criminal conviction for fraud.

a cv is pure marketing, everyone knows that. if company pr isn't held to the same standard then that's nonsense, i wonder if there was a single one you couldn't sue to oblivion after just the first week on the job.

Comment Re:Can't have been too good a hacker (Score 1) 81

Or he felt too secure sitting in a country half a planet away.

ukraine is as puppet state as it gets right now.

Like my boss once said, having a police record is no recommendation in this biz. Yes, it means that you did something. But it also means that you were either too sloppy, to crappy or too arrogant to cover your tracks well.

why is covering your tracks a desirable skill for your job?

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 410

not after having been made aware of their coordinates and location several times. Someone ordered this strike, believing there were "terrorists" treated at that facility, knowing very well it was a hospital and what the result would be, and giving no damn about it because they can get away with it. This is worse than all the other killings commited by U.S forces abroad, and people and governments must take a stand, or killings and murders like these will just continue.

unless there's concrete evidence there is no point in attributing to malice what can be explained by mere incompetence. once you unleash the dogs this shit is bound to happen. and unleashed they are, for decades now.

us strikes killing innocents is nothing new, it's routine. the news flash here is that it's western innocents.

Comment Re:Genuine Quality (Score 1) 138

about things that work everywhere

And by everywhere you mean "on computers running Microsoft Windows."

ok, 'almost' everywhere.

it's surprises me that apple, the pinnacle of supercool software (tm), lacks it's own office productivity toolset and needs to resort to ms office, it doesn't surprise me that much that it doesn't work but what's quite hilarious is that the proposed (in this tread) alternative is libreoffice. as roy zimmerman put it: 'sometimes satire writes itself'.

my prayers and best wishes for those poor mistreated mac users

Comment Re:Evolution is key (Score 1) 131

If you actually think that, then I really hope that you never design a UI that normal people have to use.

why so harsh? he probably picked that up in some 'enterprise architecture 2.0' manual while looking for concepts for some flashy presentation, and it worked there, and nobody ever told him it was utter bs.

Comment Re:It will break the Internet!!?!?!?!?! (Score 4, Interesting) 138

Did you even bother to read the rest of the summary? This actually causes real potential issues if someone stores copyrighted information in a URL-shortener's database. Because in that case, it ISN'T just a link to information - it is the information itself.

no, copyright is causing issues.

So, yes, this sort of thing can potentially open ISPs and hosting companies up to all sorts of unexpected liability. If upheld that way, when the courts get involved, it could, in fact, break the internet.

this very same technique has been used for ages in several tools to store and propagate user data.

if abused it could break url shortener services for a short while (*), which aren't essential at all. i actually never liked them, i want to know where i'm clicking to.

(*) i guess i would take any service just minutes to impose size limits.

Comment or not (Score 1) 289

back in the day you got your software from the same vendor, possibly even the hardware. when something went wrong, be it some service stopping, some communication link dropping or some tape getting stuck, the vendor took responsibility, and you paid just one or a couple of hefty bills.

then came the revolution of decentralization. it was supposed to be cheaper and more efficient. since then when something went wrong chances were you wouldn't even know who to call from a constellation of providers of apps, middleware, drivers, services, components and whatnot, each of which dependent on it's own chain of providers, so you could have to live with the problem for a looooong time before it was even known who's problem it was, all this in exchange of a hefty collection of smaller bills which totals considerably more.

turns out it wasn't more efficient and cheap at all, just more convenient and profitable for the industry.

now it's about going totally cloud-nuts? yeah, what could possibly go wrong ...

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