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Comment Re:Have you ever been to a Ruby conference? (Score 0) 715

Could someone with mod point mke the parent more visible please?

no. why?

It's definitely informative.

it's definitely bullshit. i've been in the software bizz myself since about 1983, everywhere from enterprise software to webapps, both private or public, in little shops, big corporations or startups. women have been always a minority. it's gotten better with time, specially in the last decade, but it's stil far, far from even distribution.

parent must be working on another planet. or else he limits his observationes to "dev conferences" only. in about 30 years of profession i've hardly been to a dozen of these, i tend not to like wasting my time in such selfboasting nonsensical parties (when i want to party i do it right, and not in work time). couldn't tell if femenine audience is more common in them, though. if he says so ...

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