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Comment Re:Hijacked! (Score 1) 251

I'd bet you're against life extension and the leisure society though. I got it, that wasn't covered in the pulp sci-fi you grew up reading...

I'll address those in reverse order. The leisure society is a fine idea. Having retired way early at 55, I have to say that it beats the shit out of working. I still keep busy but mostly doing what I want. We are truly entering a time when al most no one will need to work to survive. The alternative is either rejection of advancements or mass popucide, purposefully killing off most of humanity.

Life extension? That depends on where the extension comes from. The problem today is that it all comes on the old end. Which means we spend the last 20 years of our lives drawing down any omney e set aside, and are the healthiest demented people in the nursing home.

Comment Re:Hijacked! (Score 1) 251

It's physics, it's hard to dump 80MWs of heat in space and wishing won't change that. Invent a better way to extract electricity from nuclear fuel, perfect fusion, or use solar panels seem to be the current choices. It would be nice to have some breakthroughs, especially a reaction less drive that uses little power.

Breakthroughs are nice, but seldom achieved without increments. I worked on some "breakthroughs" that appeared to most people like venus rising from the sea fully formed. They were actually based on a lot of incremental steps over a surprising amount of time. We have to let them do the work, and try stuff. Iron out the problems such as it were. The Saturn V was the result of decades of work. Present day rockets are incrementally better, but so far, not much of a breakthrough.

Now will we get that breakthrough? I suspect. I don't believe it will be this reaction-less motor though The present levels of "thrust" show both a remarkably awful efficiency as well as the "thrust" can be explained adequately by differential thermal heating and energy transfer to the particles bouncing off the thruster side. Cold fusion-ish, but with a plausible explanation for the effect.

Now, if I were to put on my prognostication hat, I wouldn't be too surprised that if we get to the point of working on actual starships, we may need to do the proof of concept well outside the orbit of earth and the inner planets. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there might be some serious space time warping happening that we might not want to happen in the neighborhood. There we use the robotic option. Then if warping the crap out of the local spacetime doesn't cause problems (and works) we can start building the starships near earth. I suspect the source will be something dealing with both magnetism and gravity. I'm doubting ZPE will work, but not ready to articulate that doubt.

Anyhow, don't hold me to that stuff, as it is what we call a wild-ass guess. I don't often bring this stuff up in a world where one is expected to make up their mind before puberty and never change it.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 497

I asked a question. a rhetorical one. Seriously if you don't understand that asking a question isn't accusing someone of something, then I hope you are merely a troll, because I hate to call people stupid, but that's your two choices

Well no, obviously you don't even know what a rhetorical question is, you aren't expecting an answer but rather insinuating the belief of the OP.

I read what you wronte and I don't believe it, I mean I read it, I believe you wrote it. But it beggars the imagination that you included the very definition of rhetorical in what you said I wrote.

But since we are going pedantic, allow me to clear this up a little. Rhetorical is an adjective

of, relating to, or concerned with the art of rhetoric:

"repetition is a common rhetorical device"

synonyms: stylistic oratorical linguistic verbal

expressed in terms intended to persuade or impress:

"the rhetorical commitment of the government to give priority to primary education"

synonyms: extravagant grandiloquent magniloquent

(of a question) asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information.

Bold and italics mine. Well there you have it. Thanks for playing, and come back when I don't have to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Ciao, me hearty! This conversation is ended.

Comment Re:CTR was NEVER a good metric (Score 1) 105

So I said, "Hey, wanna see something cool? There's this thing called 'Adblock', I think you'll like it...."

It's been over a year now and my friend still hasn't stopped thanking me.

I've "fixed" many people's computers by installing Adblock. They were ready to buy another computer because they though the dropoff in speed was due to age. Same result - Happy people.

Comment Re: Why not land on the moon? (Score 1) 251

Nonsense. As I stated, the only time NASA launched people on the first flight of a launch system was the Shuttle, and that was only because the Shuttle couldn't be flown and landed remotely.

The Saturn V, for example, was flown unmanned twice before it was deemed safe enough to put people on it.

When was the first successful unmanned launch of a Saturn V rocket? Those first two had some likely mission ending problems.

Comment Re: Why not land on the moon? (Score 1) 251

No it wasn't. They tested it unmanned. Then they tested it in LEO multiple times. Only then did they send it around the moon. Apollo 8 most likely would have been a failure if not for the earlier testing.

It wasn't a Saturn V they tested it on. Apollo 8 was the first manned launch of a Saturn V rocket. Here's a nice story on the matter. They were taking a pretty big gamble.

Regardless it was a time when we didn't cower in our closets and saferooms because a UPS man was at the door. We did stuff.

Comment Re: Why not land on the moon? (Score 1) 251

We've done it (sent a manned ship to at least loop around the Moon) nine times already, almost 50 years ago.

At this point, it's not impressive or useful to replicate Apollo VIII.

I suspect a shakedown of sending people to Mars will indeed be a trip around the moon. If not, it's a good idea to have a shakedown.

p>It's also insane to send a manned crew on untested hardware. The only time they did that before was for the STS, and that was only because the STS was unable to fly or land without pilots. That was a serious design flaw. This is just a stunt, forced upon NASA due to the obscene cost of the new launch system.

You kind sir, need to go back and read about Apollo 8. It fits your definition of insanity quite well. The Saturn V had 2 problem filled missions and was questionably ready - very questionably - to launch humans. The earlier Apollo flights were not capable of sending humans to the moon, so they took a gamble.

We were not all weak willed pussies once upon a time.

Comment Re:No, SLS Is Going to Be Moth-Balled (Score 1) 251

IIf the Shuttle hadn't been a bus misused as a tractor trailer needing all the weight-savings that could be achieved then they could've kept that latex coating over the main fuel tank and its insulation, such that the insulation wouldn't have been directly subjected to the forces that break it apart and that ultimately led to the destruction of Columbia.

I skwacked about that one for a long time. The actual solution to a problem that was caused by the solution's removal. I fear that painting the tank again would have opened a political can of worms.

Comment Re:Hijacked! (Score 1) 251

Maybe $23 billion could answer these questions.

I don't believe not knowing the answer has ever stopped us from trying.

Someone will try. As America cedes the technological high ground to other countries, other countries will take up the relay.

We'll be in a closet selling our hats to each other and pretending to make money.

Comment Re:Hijacked! (Score 1) 251

Robots should be part of it for the dangerous work but we need to send people too. What's life without risk? There's no shortage of volunteers willing to risk all for the opportunity. I'd like to see a serious effort to build a serious ship designed for system exploration that would hold at least a dozen people and sustain them for 10 years. To go to Mars and other places and orbit there and conduct experiments and explore. It's crazy that we put people on the moon over 4 decades ago and haven't done shit since. It's like we got there, looked around and said okay, that's it! Then went back home to stay.

This. If we aren't going to send people at some point, there is no point. The science is all well and good, but I want people as the main focus.

To the point that a full fledged rocket slut such as myself supports unlimited assets to be applied if human meatbags are in the mix, and if no human presence, I support exactly $0.00.

Comment Re:CTR was NEVER a good metric (Score 5, Insightful) 105

Clicks are often bogus thanks to incompetent web designers who don't pre-allocate real estate, thus causing pages - and clickpoints - to bounce up and down madly as content arrives. And, incidentally, making it harder to read the primary content.

A few times I had to turn off my ad blocking and script blocking, I was shocked at just how awful most people have it. Got to the site, started loading, saw what I wanted, then BOOM! it disappears! Scroll around to find it again, and its like playing cat and mouse. So unless I really really really need it, screw it.

The present day web has become unusable without some serious blocking.

Auto-playing audio/video metrics are even worse. I'll often close a page immediately if something starts making unsolicited noises and in many cases will never return to the site again, much less the article in question. But chances are that the offending content has already logged as "seen" thanks to buffering. I didn't see, if, I fled from it, and the fact that it was delivered to me unwanted doesn't make me a biuyer.

Exactly. Newsletter popups, that metric you described, all bad, all either ignored, or telling me which product I will avoid. And I have no doubt that the ad industry lies to their customers, giving them a false idea of how many people are seeing or bypassing the ads.

Comment Re:Carsharing in Europe: still no shit. (Score 1) 78

Meanwhile, there are tons of car-sharing programs in Europe (book a car online, find the car, open with your RFID card or app, ride it, return it... think "car rental" except by the hours instead of the day, and entirely between you, the car and an online webapp, without ever needing to speak to an actual human)

Not a single human interaction needed along the line.

Really interesting, I have a few questions - When you say find it, you mean that it's located some where at random, or there is a garage or some similar place. Are the keys in it? Is there limitations on drive length? Do you fuel the vehicle, or is that all contained in the hourly price? The closest thing we have here is some bicycle sharing programs, which also work pretty well.

Yet, there are still no endemic problems of people taking dumps into the cars.

I suspect it is because of a combination of things - the lesser anonymity, I know people will use a credit card, but for some dumb reason a driver's license still seems to carry more gravitas. Another matter is that the driver at least is going to be sober. And presumably his friends aren't going to be pigs in front of him even if they were inebriated.

I wouldn't have made the same claim re defilement of the cars if we were talking about a program like you mentioned. I actually like that concept.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 497

Somalia, as terrible of a place as it may be, is not run by a total cunt.

North Korea, as terrible of a place as it may be, is not run by a total cunt.

There, satisfied?

Meh, just name calling, and nothing of substance. Anyhow, if you've noticed, our total cunt is having a few issues with getting his way. Stand by for more.

Therein lies the difference. Try that with one of your preferred leaders.

Anyhow, I'm still holding the popcorn and Tequila party to watch this mess, you're invited too, but for some folks that won't come to America, maybe we'll do Skype.

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