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Comment Re:Can't wait (Score 1) 415

We are going to need new laws or a constitutional amendment to prevent companies from screwing over citizens to make a profit.

LOL. See also: TPP.
Goes like so:
1. Country legalizes pot.
2. You establish having lost profit because pot.
3. Sue the country under TPP for lost profits.
4. Profit!

Comment Re:Speed is mostly irrelevant (Score 3, Funny) 167

For bank statements, or any other official correspondence, what I really need is a (a) complete, (b) permanent record that is (c) automatically and (d) reasonably securely moved to be (e) 100% under my control.

So far, the only way that happens is if they mail me paper copies. It is remarkable that we have yet to solve this apparently simple problem with a more technologically sophisticated alternative, but until we do, I will continue to opt out of getting statements [only] electronically.

If only someone invented a device that can be used to make a hardcopy of a document that is available online, your problem would have been solved.

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