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Comment Re: Be ready to pay more for internet (Score 1) 201

other users are also not metered in your example, if you pay for access and not bw then is your access hampered in anyway when you have a loss of bw because of excess netflix bw usage? i do however disagree that its access and not bw that you are paying for, its always a bw issue, if you had unlimited bw then this would never be an issue. i pay for the highest tier of bw available in my area, because i don't want slow access. if i only wanted access with quality, i would pay for the cheapest access.

I am also subsidizing all 5000 channels when i only watch 10, perhaps that subsidy should also be on the table.

Comment Re:I hope he wins his suit (Score 1) 728

Board certification is not required to practice medicine in any state, however you do need to be licensed to practice in that state. you can also be licensed to practice in many states even though you don't practice there.

from your first link
"There are 24 boards that certify physician specialists in the United States and there is no legal requirement to attain it"

not sure what you are trying to prove.

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