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Comment Except that... (Score 1) 355

Given the economies of scale of the World (circa 7 billion) vs USA, (circa 400 million) then there is zero reason for Americans to pursue STEM at all if this "amazing plan" comes to fruition. This is already being seen with the massive and systemic corruption of the H1b type of visa.

This ups the ante by giving foreigners an even more massive advantage over the locals.

Comment Re:Computer Science Teachers - No CS Degrees Allow (Score 1) 355

It doesn't even matter if they had a pathway for CS teachers.

The Universities do not want prospective CS majors or minors to have done CS at high school. They REQUIRE, Calculus (and to a much lesser extent Statistics), and Physics (and oddly enough Chemistry helps). That you have done AP or IB CS is irrelevant to them; you might get a semester credit at most, but that's not the same as being an entry requirement, or even recommendation.

Comment So, if this is correct... (Score 1) 355

Then why would any American in their right mind (presuming such a thing exists) do STEM at an American university?

Foreigner + degree (often got for free, see Germany) gets STEM job (academia or industry) = Americans once more screwed.

It's like H1b but on steroids.

Is Hillary really that stupid, or that evil?

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