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Comment Re:Really? Why? (Score -1, Troll) 867

I'm curious why you think this is.

It doesn't seem like I should have to explain this in such basic terms, but then I have to remember my audience.

Because tanking America's entire economy while raining nuclear missiles on the rest of the world for real or (more likely) imagined slights is a whole hell of a lot worse than all the things the lobbyists may or may not currently be doing.


Comment Re:Well, that proves it! (Score 1) 391

Put your hearing aid back in grandpa and go read your COBOL manual again. Nobody cares about your old, useless tech and "non-plumb braces" isn't a real term, your dementia is showing again. Git is superior to all version control tools.

I wrote parts of the operating system you're typing on right now, you asshat.

Comment Well, that proves it! (Score 2) 391

This was an analysis of files on github, yes? And by definition, those files are managed by git, yes?

And thus, the files were created by all the young punks that rushed to git, because reasons, yes?

In light of those conditions, yeah. I can see why there's a prevalence of spaces. The analysis only considers the work output of (mostly) young idiots.I'll bet there's a prevalence on github of non-plumb braces, too.

Comment Re:Si Valley (Score 1) 305

Is Silicon Valley defined as strictly the 408 area code? Meaning Mountain View and Fremont ain't parts of it? Or Scotts Valley - one time home of Borland and Seagate?

I doubt any two people will agree on the exact boundaries. Do we only count the parts that are geographically valley? And if we do, what about the East end of the valley, which is a bit less silicon-y?

But as "The Peninsula" is a real term used by many people in the greater SF Bay Area to demarcate the piece of land that juts out from the North American continent and eventually terminates with San Francisco (aka "The City", distinct from "The Peninsula") I believe that it should not be included in the area that is considered "Silicon Valley". Thus, the boundary (for me) is approximately the South end of Mountain View. That's not to say there's no high tech there -- clearly, there is. But I don't consider it "Silicon Valley" proper.

Others will almost certainly disagree.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 0) 305

they have that campus off the 280 and De Anza

Sorry to be hella pedantic*, but as 280 exists entirely within the confines of North California, you will henceforth cease prepending "the" to its designated numerical designation.

* I'm not actually sorry at all. You fucking South California immigrants just need to shut the fuck up.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 305

People can make 300k a year there, and be forced to live under a bridge, due to systemic housing shortages.

SF may be pretty bad, but that's just bullshit. If you make $300k a year, you will find a place to live. Unless you've got a wicked coke habit, I guess.

You can only build the skyscraper class apartment building so high before the steel and glass at the bottom cannot bear any more weight.

I doubt there are many skyscrapers in SF (or the world, for that matter) that rely on load-bearing glass.

Wake up and smell the bullshit.

Yep. I can smell it. It's coming from your post.

Comment Re:A car from the guy who brought us the Apple Wat (Score 2) 143

3. Obligatory XKCD reference. Seriously - this. I've got a phone with accurate time that can be in my hand in 2 seconds, one-handed. It's barely less convenient than a watch, especially a dumbwatch on which I either have to press a button, invoke Siri or strike a mail-order-catalog "I am now looking at my watch" pose to get the display to turn on.

Personally (and I've believed this for a lot longer than smart watches have been a "thing") I think there's something to be said for reducing life's little annoyances. Reducing the keys on my keyring, for instance, made a small but noticeable change in my daily routine. I had to re-key some locks in and around my house, but I think it paid long-term dividends. When I moved to a new house, I went to a simple keypad entry system (without IoT) and now I only have to carry the key fob to my car. It made me happy.

So yeah, pulling the phone out of my pocket isn't that hard. But I do it many times a day, so even a small improvement pays dividends for me. And looking at my watch is a lot easier than pulling my phone out of my pocket while I'm sitting down.

Is it worth hundreds of dollars? That's a subjective personal question that everyone will have to consider for themselves. For me, on a quest to reduce the annoyances in life, the answer was a clear "yes".

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