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Comment Guess I lucked out (Score 1) 835

Reading other poster's comments I have actually been surprised. I attend OSU's IT campus and not only do they go out of there way to make sure all formats are supported, They actually assume working knowledge of all 3 OS. In database classes we run Microsoft SQL so you are expected to use Windows or are provided with virtual machine licenses. In web scripting we are advised to use Ubuntu or a Linux distro, but provided with support and tutorials for Windows as well. I guess it all comes down to what the focus of the campus and college is. If you want ubiquitous Linux support you should probably lean toward a more technically inclined environment.

Comment well, crud. (Score 1) 282

As a cox customer in Kansas I will be keeping a definite eye on this, but I don't feel too concerned. I know that I use up more than the average user in bandwidth, but I set up my large bandwidth uses to operate overnight when congestion is not an issue. Cox has always been pretty open about being able to talk to a real person who actually knows what they are talking about whenever I have a problem, so I am far more inclined than the regular /.er to trust them. Provided they are only traffic-shaping people who are using more than their fair share of bandwidth during times of congestion I not only am OK with it, but expect it. I will allow their previous good PR with me to give this a rose tint, but you can be sure that if it does become an issue they will both lose me and any client/personnel recommendations they are getting right now. Fortunately, Kansas has surprisingly diverse internet options in its bigger cities.

Submission + - Vista Express Upgrade moving at snail's pace

Chester Freeze writes: During the holiday season, many shoppers bought PCs with the promise of quick, free Vista upgrades. The reality has been something else entirely: many Dell and HP customers are being told that they won't receive their copies of Vista before April. 'One source at a major OEM who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the real issue is that OEMs are still not sure which PCs are really ready to support Vista, and which PCs aren't... Customers who qualify for an Express Upgrade also qualify for OEM support for Windows Vista, even if their machines came with Windows XP. The last thing a Dell, Gateway, or HP wants to do is start sending out upgrades to customers who might have video cards that do not have particularly stable drivers yet (or sound cards, or RAID controllers, etc.). This could be a support disaster.'
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Best games of the previous generation?

Hatta writes: I'm an avid gamer, but the hot new games never appealed to me. In fact, I'm perpetually a generation behind. I figure that games don't get any less fun because they're old. So with the recent release of the xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, it's about time for me to pick up a PS2 or XBOX. What games stand out as classics on each system? I'm particularly interested in RPGs, adventure games, platformers, and anything that's just too unique to miss.

Submission + - Weaving cartilage in 3-D

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Today, people who suffer from cartilage damage don't have effective therapies at their disposal. But now, researchers at the Duke University Medical Center have developed a weaving machine to repair cartilage. Using a patient's own stem cells in conjunction with their new three-dimensional fabric "scaffold" could lead to a better way to repair damaged joints. And the new cartilage created by using this method has the same mechanical properties as native cartilage, which is not the case of today's laboratory-grown cartilage. The researchers expect to start clinical trials in three or four years. Read more for additional references and pictures of this weaving machine and what it can build."

Submission + - ATI is not supporting the All-in-Wonder in Vista

Working-Person writes: Thinking about using your expensive All-in-Wonder with Vista? Think again. Here's the response from ATI when looking for Vista drivers "The product you purchased was not advertised or broadcasted as Vista Compliant it is fully functional and supported on the specified Operating Systems. The tuner on the board doesn't meet Windows Vista's requirements and is not compatable. That means it will not be supported and there will be no drivers or software release for the tuner on the ALL IN WONDER Board."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple TV to be a centrally controlled P2P network?

Rolgar writes: This week, Bob Cringely states that since the Apple TV will be an always on device (unless you unplug it) with a 40GB hard drive, Apple will distribute content to Apple TVs for every ISP, and then use centrally controlled P2P sharing on those Apple TVs to distribute the content to the rest of the owners of the Apple TV, cutting their own bandwidth costs and providing video faster to the consumers. The ISPs will incur higher (essentially free) bandwidth locally, possibly lose some subscribers to cable TV, but have fewer costs through the Tier II Internet backbone providers, which I suspect would possibly undercut the Apple and Google's need to worry about net neutrality for video. Bob also expects that Google will be involved with their fiber network and advertising expertise, and I suspect that they'll bundle in YouTube content as well and maybe Google has worked out a way to distribute YouTube video to PCs through this network. Bob suspects that they won't get around to announcing the full details of this plan until they hit a half million units or more, and that this Apple and Google pairing will become the equivalent of a cable TV provider with almost none of the infrastructure costs, and that eventually the real HD revolution will come from Apple and Google.

Kansas Adopts New Science Standards 868

porcupine8 writes "The Kansas State Board of Education has changed the state science standards once again, this time to take out language questioning evolution. This turnaround comes fast on the heels of the ouster given this past election to the ultra-conservative Board members who originally introduced the language. 'Science' has also been re-redefined as 'a human activity of systematically seeking natural explanations' (the word 'natural' had been previously stricken from the definition). If you'd like to see the new standards, a version showing all additions and deletions is available from the KS DOE's website (PDF)."
The Courts

Submission + - In Alabama, Sex Toys are Just Like Prostitution

An anonymous reader writes: A federal appeals court has upheld an Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys against a claim that the law conflicted with the Supreme Court's prior holding that private sexuality is protected by the Constitution. The court reasoned that, because sex toys are bought and sold in "public" transactions, selling them is just like prostitution, and therefore it could be banned.

Submission + - Vista "express" upgrade program bungled

Josh M. writes: Thousands of customers who purchased new Windows PCs this past Christmas are still waiting on their promised Windows Vista upgrades, despite the Vista launch occurring more than two weeks ago. Ars reports that Dell and HP have both pushed their shipping dates 6-8 weeks back after launch, meaning some people won't get their upgrades well into April. It turns out that because those customers get free Vista support, the OEMs are waiting for better driver support, hence the delay. So much for "express."

Submission + - AllOfMP3 payments cut off

cerberusss writes: "As of February 2007, the popular Russian music download site AllOfMP3 seems to be cut off from user payments. Whereas previously it was possible to buy gift certificates at XRost and then using these at AllOfMP3, the XRost payment provider displays the following message upon logging in:

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the payment platform, we will be performing a scheduled server maintenance. The payment option at our site will be restored in 48 hours.
However, the 48 hours have passed since long and it's not known when payments will be possible again. Did the RIAA finally get what they wanted?"

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