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Journal Journal: A Plea for Third Pary Voting

--- Txxx wrote:
> February 11, 2002
> Senator Barbara Boxer
> Hart Senate Office Building, Suite 112
> Washington, D.C. 20510
> Dear Senator Boxer,

Txxx has more faith in our senators then I do. The problem right now is that
people support that fucking idiot in the White House. 85% support in the last
poll that I saw. El Presidente Busho is using that support to push his plans in
the name of the War on Terror. Our senators want to get re-elected, so they
will only go so far in questioning the man.

I'm annoyed with the Republican party, who showed what they think about
democracy with the coup of December 2000. But I'm pissed at the Democrats, who
kowtow to the dictator in the White House. Where are the Democrats protesting
the revival of Cointelpro and the USPatriot Act? Where are the Deomcrats
leading the charge against the White House's latest budget proposal? Why is
Daschale unwilling to re-examine the tax cuts that benefit the rich and fuck
everyone else? Where are the Democrats protesting the White House's current
anti-drug campaign that calls drug users terrorits?

People mock me for voting thrid party, but I'm more convincied then ever that
it is the only moral option left in the voting booth. Those who say that I
waste my vote when I pull the Green lever, are trying to convince me that I
have to ignore what I stand for and vote for the pro-choice, pro-business,
pro-war candiate who wants to take away many of my civil rights; or the
anti-choice, pro-business, pro-war candiate who want to take away all my civil

I've given up on the Democrats making things better. We are _this_ fucking
close to the world protrayed by George Orwell in 1984 (I'm begging each and
every one of you to go re-read that book right now). There are three paths that
could take us away from the brnik: radical change in the Democratic Party;
revolution; or the rise of a third party. I don't have the millions necessary
to influence the DNC and I don't favor revolt, so that leaves option three. And
since I'm not lucky enough to live in Barbara Lee's district (the only Democrat
in national office that I can imagine voting for), I'm going to tilt at that
third party windmill yet again. Fucking idealisim is all I've got left.


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