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Comment old news (Score 0) 14

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this news was posted everywhere else a day or so back. Slashdot may want to upgrade those 1200-bps modems. I respect the importance that Hayes and U.S. Robotics had 30 years ago, but I don't need another "yesterday's news today" site.

"Editors" like msmash, who barely seem to understand English to begin with, are really not helping. Not that Slashies ever had much of anyone who took the title of "editor" as meaning anything other than as a point on their McDonald's application. I do not wish to disparage the noble Big Mac!
...sigh. Yes, I'll have fries with that but, you know, I'm ordering them from Reddit. Or Buzzfeed. Or Digg, if I have to, I'm not proud. I kind've want my fries now, not tomorrow.

Comment Re:I miss software that works. (Score 1) 467

Dude. The Microsoft DOS days made me considerable cash on FIXING all of the things that were completely wrong with the existing software. I'd make your EMS or XMS memory look like convenient RAM or a file system. It was a good time to be slicy-sharp in the computer industry. Watch me replace your display code with something that updates instantly. See my telecom code, fax engines, crypto, .ZIP handling, graphics.

Those computers were slow and nasty. They were immense fun and modestly profitable.

These days, I am not so much interested in being "pinball wizard". I'm bored.

Comment Who's "we"? (Score 5, Insightful) 366

It's always interesting how the Media guys consider themselves as part of the government. "It's our money! How dare the people keep it!"

>"It's estimated that somewhere between about $3.5 and $5 billion in Australia every year is lost in tax revenue due to the sort of cash economy,"

"Lost in tax revenue". That is, it's the government's money, and the citizens are just thieves who are stealing it.

Let's correct that, shall we?

"It's estimated that somewhere between about $3.5 and $5 billion in Australia every year is saved by the people..."

Comment I always worked for small companies (Score 1) 154

Maybe what has been said here applies only to huge corporations. In almost all of the companies I've worked for, the boss was very happy to hear my ideas. We might argue over some of them but, generally, he was entirely happy to steal them outright. My code, my policies, my naming schemes... or should I say, "his". I got paid for it. I'm only mildly miffed. I have more where that came from. Still, I was the engine in his company, and the one before it, and the one before that. That's kind've why I got the jobs, though, so this had an adequate payout. They did always listen.

Comment Re:Robert Altman is a cunt (Score 1) 77

I expect I should not feed the troll. However, Daggerfall was never a good game. Its largely computer-generated dungeons were insanely repetitive, and the game exploded every time you sneezed. You'd probably die trying to take the elevators, you'd fall through the world in any number of ways, and you'd get arrested by magical police for taking a nap in an entirely empty building... although there was a way to pass loot through the dungeon wall to your horse.

Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim have various issues, but they are considerably more stable and playable.

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