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Comment I always worked for small companies (Score 1) 154

Maybe what has been said here applies only to huge corporations. In almost all of the companies I've worked for, the boss was very happy to hear my ideas. We might argue over some of them but, generally, he was entirely happy to steal them outright. My code, my policies, my naming schemes... or should I say, "his". I got paid for it. I'm only mildly miffed. I have more where that came from. Still, I was the engine in his company, and the one before it, and the one before that. That's kind've why I got the jobs, though, so this had an adequate payout. They did always listen.

Comment Re:Robert Altman is a cunt (Score 1) 77

I expect I should not feed the troll. However, Daggerfall was never a good game. Its largely computer-generated dungeons were insanely repetitive, and the game exploded every time you sneezed. You'd probably die trying to take the elevators, you'd fall through the world in any number of ways, and you'd get arrested by magical police for taking a nap in an entirely empty building... although there was a way to pass loot through the dungeon wall to your horse.

Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim have various issues, but they are considerably more stable and playable.

Comment Re:And the next food craze starts (Score 1) 176

But with this kind of research we get contradicting results every other year. First milk was important for you, now milk is harmful. Eggs used to be the way to an early grave, now eggs are the fountain of youth. Cholesterol was deadly, now we need it like a drug.

We don't, really. The foundation of a lot of the confusion was the U.S. government recommendations of 1977, which were often not based on any science. I suspect corruption, but incompetence might have been a factor. There were some voodoo notions about calcium, cholesterol, sodium and fiber. Even the Feds have since retracted the idea that dietary cholesterol is meaningful.

Milk is fine in reasonable amounts, if you can digest it; probably 1/3-1/2 of the recommendations. You don't need the skim crap. Eggs have always been fine. Sodium is fine up to at least three times the U.S. recommended maximum. You probably want only half of the recommended fiber intake. That's what my research suggests but, bodies differ, and experiment for yourself.

Comment Re:He's Right (Score 1) 348

I know. When my Mom died, the keys to the kingdom were lost. She's the only one who could have identified a lot of my relatives. I have some small hopes that AI image matching may identify a few but... lost. Information lost. Horrifying. Just gone.

I will preserve it. A lot of it will go unlabeled. Someone, somewhere, sometime may find a use for it; and I have a lot of relatives who have been out of contact for a long time who may just know that was Great-Aunt Alfreda.

Comment lost people (Score 3, Interesting) 113

I wanted to rebuild a friend a long time ago. It really wasn't going to happen on a 386, but I figured I'd anyway get to know him better. He was not exactly excited at the prospect. Well, privacy issues, plus the fact that the whole project was not remotely plausible.

It still isn't . The AI isn't anywhere near close to being able to mimic a real person, yet. But I understand why you would try that, and... go for it.

We may not be able to live forever. It's possible that some semblance of who we were can. Call them poems of humanity.

Comment Re:He's Right (Score 4, Interesting) 348

Contrariwise... my family has left an immense amount of information. Boxes and boxes of pictures, some films (!), postcards, letters, college studies... I am planning to digitize all of it. In physical form, it takes an immense amount of room, can only be held by one person, and is not backed up. It will be much more flexible, useful, and safe as computer data.

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