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Comment Re:Amazon fire is more locked down (Score 0) 105

And their fire line is far more locked down than Apple could ever dream of, with a small pool of apps.

Locked down what? You can sideload any app you want to any fire device you want. And what's more, you don't even need to plug in a USB cable to do it; They have ES File Explorer in their store. Once you have that installed, you can install anything you want, and uninstall ES if you like afterwards. The latest revision of the launcher on the Fire TV stick finally integrated non-Appstore apps into the app menu, so you don't have to launch them from application settings.

Amazon is not kind to sideloaded applications. My Kodi install gets screwed up or deleted from my FireTV randomly during some of their automatic updates.

Comment Re:3d printed engine? (Score 0) 46

Let me guess, the "3d printed engine" is a regular engine, but they printed the stickers out on a 3d printer.

And you would be wrong. VULCAN-1

It is a stretch to call powdered metal laser sintered Inconel 718 "3d printed". If we as a society are going to apply the term "3d printed" so such processes, then the term is just a stand-in phrase used by idiots to mean "any CNC manufacturing process that I don't know anything about".

As an aside, Inconel 718 is pretty awesome stuff. The entire Inconel family (625, 82, etc) has excellent properties, but 718 is my go-to material for high strength, high temperature, high erosion environments. The people who applied the term "superalloy" chose their words carefully, unlike the people who called this engine 3d printed.

Comment Re:Religion is a mental disorder (Score 1) 328

The fact that you claim that hallucinations cannot be complex and cannot include other delusions besides the common "white light", is yet another data point that proves you have zero understanding of neuroscience.

Funny, isn't it, how these supposed "near-death-experiences" of believers in other religions are consistent with their religion, not Christianity. Oh, but knowing about that inconvenient fact would mean you would have had to have read and understood more on this topic than just one logically laughable article.

Bleat on, deluded theist, bleat on. I've heard it all a hundred times before.

But I've spent enough time feeding this particular troll. So long and thanks for all the laughs.

Comment Re:HA! (Score 1) 76

. [The fact that] ULA has provided support for this effort again suggests that the leadership of Bruno is reshaping the company into a much more innovative and competitive company.

No, what it means is that they are getting their asses beaten so badly by SpaceX that they have moved to desperation and PR tactics.

I see it as an attempt to keep their workforce engaged. I have worked on long-term (18month-30months before anything exciting happens) projects before and it is a long grind without a lot of incremental satisfaction. Even a company-paid milestone dinner every few months was a major morale booster since there was very little concrete evidence of all the work people were putting in. Employee turnover is very damaging to this type of long-term project, so launching a small rocket every now and then might be well worth the cost just to keep employee morale up.

Comment Re:Lockouts have you heard of them? (Score 1) 152

I assume Mr. Ford has not been around enough heavy equipment to that you consider it live unless you can see the lockout.

This was a movie set. There's basically 2 overriding rules about safety on a movie set: * Don't depend on the actors to be smart enough, or paying enough attention, to get anything right. * There's no excuse for injuring an actor. That's just about the worst thing you can be responsible for.

Everything potentially dangerous on a big-budget movie set is supposed to have a minder - both because the actors' full attention should be on their roles, and because it's a movie set, and dangerous-looking things are often props.

From the (one-sided) summary, this was a massive fuckup, on the order of having a real gun mixed in with prop guns, or carelessness with pyro.

Movie sets generally have a lot more accidents than "normal" industries. The deck is stacked with contributing factors such as-

The work location changes often
Safety-responsible crews often have a set building / movie background, rather than an industrial one
Some OSHA regulations applicable to Construction/General Industry may not apply. Others are specifically excluded.
Reliance on contractors and/or temp workers
Most persons on the set do not have much industrial safety experience
The primary purpose of a set is for looks, safety and accessibility are sometimes an afterthought
Every set is different, and may be modified frequently during the course of filming
Onsite changes to the set probably do not go through a rigorous safety process
Desire to continue filming in order to not miss out on desired weather, or to be on schedule for the next location
Relatively low pay of junior crew members, and ease of replacing them. This tends to promote "get it done" attitudes and reduces the amount of questions raised about safety.

I routinely work in an industrial environment. Working on a movie set seems more dangerous in comparison. The safety culture and recognition of all the hazards just isn't there.

Comment Re:Russian VPN != "Works for Russia" (Score 3, Informative) 692

Reading shit headlines like that always brings home the fact that most reporters are almost completely ignorant about the subject matter at hand, and will generally spew whatever their "sources" tell them, even if the primary article says something completely different.

Who did the hacking is irrelevant. It's just a distraction. Nobody (that we know of) made those DNC staffers and managers write what they wrote. The inner workings of both major US political parties as it relates to rewarding large donors, choosing party candidates, and dealing with "disruptive" candidates is very ugly. The emails show this. Looking out for the average person is clearly at the bottom of the list of their priorities. This could have easily happened to the RNC (if it hasn't already) and a similar pile of shit would likely be unearthed.

This shouldn't be a partisan issue. Those who make it partisan are just sweeping "their side's" problems under the rug and allowing the problem to continue. The way we pick presidential candidates is really, really, bad. The primary system gives too much power to those with strong and vocal opinions. The disapproval ratings for the DNC and RNC candidates are at record high levels and speak for themselves. At this point, a random lottery would be better than the current system. We do this dance every 4 years and it isn't getting better. By November, people will have forgotten all about the primaries and nothing will change.

Comment Re:Horse Shit (Score 5, Insightful) 410

Valve quit crying because they got bored with SteamOS. A major problem with Valve's "flat" model of no bosses and no structure is that they only work on something if they find it interesting. Once they get bored, it languishes. Half Life 3 is a great example. There was clearly more story to tell, they left it unfinished, and there is clearly market demand for a sequel to the point it would be virtually assured to make money. So why hasn't it happened? Because they aren't interested in it right now. It's not a business or creative decision, it is that people are playing with other shit.

Valve is now fascinated with VR and eSports so that is where most of their energy is going. They are the shiny new toys they like, until they change their mind and chase something else. So SteamOS is in the same general boat as Steam itself in that they work on it a bit and maintain it, but there isn't a lot going on because there are few people interested in it.

Also I think they thought that SteamOS and Steam Machines would be like Steam itself: minimal effort on their part and people would just flock to them and use them in droves. Instead the market has responded with a resounding "meh". They'd need to put in a lot more effort to have a chance of making it happen and they don't want to do that.

Comment There is no, it is doomsaying (Score 3, Insightful) 410

Maybe it'll end up being true, but so far there is zero evidence. The only thing so far they've done that would in any way limit Steam is that their universal applications (what used to be called Metro) are Windows Store only. So you can't sell those on Steam. Ok, except nobody but MS makes those because nobody gives a shit. The "universal" part doesn't matter, MS's phones and tablets are in their final dying moments so there's no need to make something that runs both on real Windows and Windows RT/Phone.

At this point Win32/64 programs run better and have less limitations, and also have the advantage of running on all versions of Windows not just 10, so that is what people keep making. MS themselves are releasing their games using their new UWP format, of course, but nobody else seems to give a shit.

So it is a meaningless limitation for now. Programs using an API nobody uses won't work with Steam. Who cares? Other than that, nothing has changed or been limited. Steam runs great on Windows 10.

Will something change in the future? We'll have to wait and see. There's no evidence now though, because it hasn't happened. This is a doomsday prediction, and like most doomsday predictions it is based on what the predictor feels to be true, not actual evidence.

Comment Ummm... no (Score 2) 410

For one, they haven't done anything yet. This is Tim Sweeny doomsaying. Now maybe his predictions will be accurate but they are false right now. Presently, Steam works excellent in Windows 10. You download it, install it, and it just works as it does on any other platform. They have done nothing to stop it from working.

You can't scream about "abuse" when nothing has happened. That is like claiming someone robbed you when they didn't actually take anything from you or even say anything to you they just "look sketchy, like they might rob you."

Second, all the monopoly stuff has gone out the windows with Apple around now. You can't argue MS is a monopoly in the desktop arena with Apple selling tons of their products. Macbooks are trendy as hell and all kinds of people buy them. Having a major, viable, competitor defacto makes someone not a monopoly. Same deal in servers to an even larger extent as Linux is huge in the server market. And in phones? Shit MS is hardly a player.

They aren't in a monopoly position anymore, so anti-monopoly arguments don't work.

Comment Re:Depends (Score 1) 34

You know those commercials that sometimes come on local stations late at night for "Consumers Cellular"? The ads sell it like a cell phone provider for old people, since they always have sixty-somethings being hip with their no-contract cell phones and buying slutty red dresses to see if they can interest their hubbies in one more roll in the clover.

What you may not know, is that Consumer Cellular is actually a really good provider. You pay as you go, you can use practically any smartphone, including the iStatus from Apple. They mail you out a sim card and away you go. Data, calls, texts, it's cheap as shit. If you pay attention to what you're doing and know your way around, you can even avoid giving them real information, so it's the anonymity of a burner phone and the convenience of a major provider. And no contracts.

My wife has some Cadillac plan from one of the big providers, but when my contract was up with AT&T but my phone was still good, I figured, "What the hell?" and tried Consumers Cellular. It works great, has coverage wherever the other companies have coverage and AT&T can just suck my dick.

Many of the MVNOs are actually quite good. We have Straight Talk and the coverage is great, at least for the places we go. They were not great during account setup and device activation (customer support is overseas) but once set up, there is no reason to talk to them. They have "unlimited" plans with an allotment of 4G data then 3G after that. Pricing and real-world signal strength was more favorable than T-mobile last time I checked.

I have also heard very good things about Page Plus wireless as well- a little more expensive than Straight Talk but apparently their customer support is excellent.

Considering how awful the main network providers are lately, many of the MVNOs are a better choice at this point.

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