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Submission + - Samsung's Claims of Juror Misconduct Revealed in Unredacted Filings (

zaphod777 writes: Samsung has now filed an unredacted version [PDF] of its motion for judgment as a matter of law, a new trial, and/or remittitur. That's the one that was originally filed with a redacted section we figured out was about the foreman, Velvin Hogan. The judge ordered it filed unsealed, and so now we get to read all about it.
It's pretty shocking to see the full story. I understand now why Samsung tried to seal it. They call Mr. Hogan untruthful in voir dire (and I gather in media interviews too), accuse him of "implied bias" and of tainting the process by introducing extraneous "evidence" of his own during jury deliberations, all of which calls, Samsung writes, for an evidentiary hearing and a new trial with an unbiased jury as the cure.

Were you wondering how Samsung found out about the lawsuit that Hogan failed to mention in voir dire, the litigation between Seagate and Hogan that Samsung dug up? Apple was, as I'll show you. You wouldn't believe it if it was in a movie script. The lawyer who sued Mr. Hogan on behalf of Seagate back in 1993 is now married to a partner at Quinn Emanuel, the lawyers for Samsung.

What are the odds?


Submission + - Google Books, Nexus 7 quietly launch in Japan (

zaphod777 writes: It seems that the Nexus 7 and Google Books has launched a little bit early in Japan. Rumor has it that both Andy Rubin and Eric Schmidt are in Tokyo right now for an official launch tomorrow.

Right now, the 16 GB Nexus 7 is available on the Play Store for ¥19,800 with a shipping time of 3 to 5 days to addresses in Japan. There is also a Japanese website for the Nexus 7 now.


Submission + - Apple v Samsung Foreman keeps talking ( 6

zaphod777 writes: This is in the believe it or not category, but the foreman in the Apple v Samsung trial is *still* talking about the verdict and why the jurors did what they did. And the more he talks, the worse it gets for that verdict.
Gizmodo asked him to sit today for live questions. And believe it or not, he did it. And when asked if the jury was ever asking whether or not a patent should have issued, he claims that they never did because that wasn't their role and the judge told them to assume the patents issued properly and not to second guess that determination.


Submission + - VMware plots datacenters without wetware - is VMWARE trying to take our jobs? (

zaphod777 writes: Everyone keeps saying how technologies like VMWARE are going to make server and network engineers obsolete, I disagree. 90% of your time is spent maintaining the currant infrastructure and any admin worth his salt will not spin up a new VM just because someone asks for it. VM sprawl is a real problem in the datacenter.

I also don't see how this will replace existing employee's in the datacenter. Someone still needs to troubleshoot hardware problems and install the host servers and other equipment.


Submission + - Samsung angers judge by sending rejected evidence from Apple trial to the media ( 1

zaphod777 writes: Samsung has already appealed the rulings denying the evidence, but that didn't stop the company's lawyers from trying again today after Apple briefly showed the F700 on a slide during its opening statements. Claiming that Apple had "opened the door" to discussion of the F700, Samsung asked the court to reconsider. That didn't go so well with Judge Koh, who noted that "Samsung has filed like 10 motions for reconsideration," and asked Samsung lead attorney John Quinn to sit back down. At one point in the exchange Quinn told Koh that he was "begging the court," and desperately asked "what's the point in having a trial?" — but Koh simply wasn't buying it. "Don't make me sanction you," she said. "Please."

Submission + - Ubuntu 10.04 adds iPhone and IPOD touch Support ( 2

zaphod777 writes: Among other things in the recent 10.04 Alpha3 release Ubuntu has added support for iPhones and IPOD touch. I know this has been a pain point for many users. Personaly I use an Android phone with Songbird. But I know this will make a lot of people happy.

Hopefully now they will fulfill their promise for a nicer non brown theme but I am not holding my breath. They have made that promise many times before and it doesn't take long to tweak the appearance to the way I like it anyway.

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