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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 361

I have Photoshop and Gimp installed on my Mac and I tend to use Gimp 9/10 times because it is easier to use. I use LibreOffice but installed a copy of Office for Mac to see if it was worth it to buy the $100 /yr subscription. I figured I could install it on my Mac, my Wife's Windows 8 box and maybe share the other licenses with my family. After running Office for about 30 min to see how well it would work with my setup I removed it, maybe I will give it another shot when they release the new version for Mac but Outlook for Mac is pretty bad and I don't use Word and Excel heavily enough to switch from Libre Office. For email I have two Exchange accounts and my personal gmail account, Outlook does not integrate with Google Calendar or Contacts without using ActiveSync which Google is turning off for non paid accounts.

Comment Re:Hey Guys (Score 1) 547

We have talked about much worse things than that so I don't think that is really it. Even in the US we have some pretty strange and nasty porn, that doesn't mean that everyone in the US watches it. Sure I have heard of Two Girls one Cup and Goatse but I have never felt the need to look them up and I am sure that there are lots of people who have never even heard of them. Japan has its fair share of underground strange shit but for the most part everyone is pretty normal.

Comment Re:Hey Guys (Score 2) 547

In Japan there are not really any streaming services to speak of. There is no Netflix, Amazon, Prime, They just got Hulu but it is pretty limited. The Google Play Store now does rentals but I am not sure how popular it is. Sure you can pirate stuff online but subtitles in Japanese are a PIA to find and the Japanese shows don't show up on your normal torrent site. Plus they anti piracy laws here in Japan just got really strict.

Comment Re:The reason is simple. (Score 1) 513

Thunderbolt uses active cables. There is a circuit at each end of the cable which handles the physical transmission. This means the cables will always be expensive, although costs will probably come down if thunderbolt becomes mainstream and economies of scale kick in. It's also a reason why thunderbolt probably won't become mainstream.

I like the concept though, I would buy an Apple Thunderbolt display if they weren't as expensive as the MBA. Being able to connect a display, network, all external drives, etc all with one cable is pretty amazing. You would think that other companies would be all over this, as far as throughput goes USB 3.0 is sufficient for external HDD's but I am sure that HDD speeds will catch up to Thunderbolt.

Comment Re:The reason is simple. (Score 1) 513

> Well, I'm in IT so most of what I do is remote support and everything else gets stored in the cloud. > > Music - Google Music > Photos - Picasa Either of these are prone to choke the cloud. Full size photos can be especially bothersome on a it-feels-like-I-am-on-dialup-again wireless network.

I am not dependent on either of them for day to day use so that is not really a problem. If my connection is not fast enough to listen to music or view photo's then I have bigger problems since I will not be able to work, all of my work is done remotely.

Ditching network interfaces that actually perform well is one the reasons that anyone may steer far clear of MBA wannbes.

I can't tell if you are making a jab at the MBA for not having ethernet or trying to make a different point. Not having Ethernet is a bit of an issue but they do have an adapter, and that is fine with me. I only need to use a wired connection every once in a while and having a port on the laptop would make the profile much thicker.

Comment Re:The reason is simple. (Score 1) 513

Well, I'm in IT so most of what I do is remote support and everything else gets stored in the cloud.

Music - Google Music
Photos - Picasa
Docs - a combination of Google Docs and DropBox but those are mostly Excel and Word type documents so they don't take up much space.

Everything else gets stored on my media server at home. The only other thing that really takes up a lot of space is Steam games and I only install the ones I am playing and then delete the others when I am done.

With all of that said I still have 50GB of free space.

I do have a USB 3 external drive with a pair of old 5400RPM drives in a RAID0 that I use for some VM's when I need to do some migration tests but I only use that every so often.

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