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Comment Re:FBI Word games (Score 1) 314

"With good reason, the people of the United States -- through judges and law enforcement -- can invade our private spaces," So, get a warrant and shut up!

And what good will a search warrant do, when the only person capable of unlocking the device will plead the fifth? What can a wiretap warrant do against end-to-end encryption? Let's try not to be intellectually dishonest here, to use a familiar analogy here if DRM prevents you from exercising fair use it's as if that right doesn't exist. A warrant that can't be exercised is nothing, pretending that we don't understand that doesn't lead to a honest discussion.

This isn't technically new, common folks have had the capability to lock everyone out since at least PGP and Bestcrypt back in 1991 and 1995, respectively. I actually expected a big clash over unbreakable encryption more than a decade ago, but using it was technical, inconvenient and complicated so it never became popular. So the police silently cursed it instead of drawing attention to it as it would only point out the police's blind spots.

Fast forward 20 years and through increased computing power, hacking and abuse it's finally going mainstream with companies starting to make regular consumer products so strong and convenient common people do it. And since it's happening anyway, the police are now making a big stink about it. Warrants have lived like a shade of gray, they don't have total and random access and it's not none whatsoever. I still think technology will force our hand to pick black or white.

There's certainly downsides to both no privacy and absolute privacy. People are going to want to have their cake and eat it too, some kind of happy middle like most people prefer a free and democratic nation instead of anarchy or totalitarianism. I mean to me it's rather obvious what's the lesser evil, but to be honest I'm glad the police can still kick down real world doors if necessary. The world would look quite differently if we had impenetrable fortresses one and all.

Comment Re:AMD May Nearly Catch Up (Score 1) 86

Now if only they would support their older hardware. They seem to be cutting the support cycle shorter and shorter and the only real support software wise seems to be coming on the Linux side.

Intel does their part, perhaps you have them confused with Microsoft? They want to terminate Win7, but it is after all a seven year old OS in the extended support phase. The problem here isn't that it's running out of support, it's that I don't want any of their newer products. And I don't really have any right to demand they make the products the way I want them or support age old software because I don't like the new. I suppose I'll eventually have to "upgrade" it to a Wintendo because I don't really give a fuck about Microsoft spying on that and use a different OS for everything else. But it won't be today...

Comment Re:Phase 2 testing (Score 1) 175

Cool. Now do the same thing 6 more times, without resurfacing.

If he can do it for two months straight around the clock without snapping, my money would be on him doing two years too if he had to/wanted to. Elizabeth Fritzl did 24 years trapped in a cell in the basement, eventually no matter how bad the situation is it eventually just is. Same goes for people with severe disabilities and such, if I ended up in a wheelchair I'd get very depressed right away. But if I live through that first phase I don't see myself saying I've lived a year in a wheelchair but a year and a day is too much. I'd either have found a reason to live - or not - long before that.

Comment Re: Why do we even have congress? (Score 1) 131

I always laugh at ppl like you. You will claim that far right fascists are actually liberal. For example, YOU have called W liberal. Yet, since the great depression, he is considered the most conservative president by historical ranking. Much more so than even reagan. Basically, you have to go back to Harding and Coolidge to get presidents that conservative. And now, you claim that another far right fascists like trump is a liberal even though his policies are further right than Coolidge and harding. Amazing

Comment Re: Why do we even have congress? (Score 1) 131

I agree that having THIS CONgress is worthless. Few of them , esp in the GOP have done a fucking thing. Hopefully most other ppl are more intelligent than you and know that these last 2 CONgress are in official history as America's worst congresses. Yes, historian rank them as having accomplished the least even when we need them so badly. They have submitted the fewest number of bills. Hopefully, the GOP loss BOTH houses of CONgress and the GOP then breaks up.

Comment The industrial revolution did not cause it (Score 1) 695

Basically, the ability of the environment to absorb the co2 had been depleted. IOW, mankind had been adding co2 for millenniums above and beyond what nature could handle. Had industrial revolution not happened, then it simply means that this would have been delayed.

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