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Comment Re: Wot? (Score 1) 75

ther material is cheap. THe labor is expensive. 20/hr or more for doing that work. In the same length of time that it takes to put the plywood down on the rafters, is about the same length of time for putting down the Tesla Roof. So, no tar paper or shingles, which is money and time. And we just had our roof re-done 3 weeks ago. I forget how many sections, but, iwe have a 2 story 3000 sq feet home, so above average roof. We had 8 guys work on it. Took 1.5 days. That is the second time that we have had this done due to hail. Next time, we will install a Tesla roof which will almost certainly be strong enough to deal with the golf ball size hail that we get.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 4, Interesting) 252

Haha, what? You're whining about a manufacturer selling their product for whatever price they want to sell it at? Tesla "fixing the price" on their own products that they make and sell themselves, that's funny. How does a single company "fix" the price? They don't "fix" the price, they set the price, that's the price, anyone can buy it at that price. You might as well whine about McDonald's "fixing" the price on a Big Mac because they cost the same anywhere you buy them.

A good example, 80% are franchises and 20% centrally owned but you'd never know the difference. The franchising agreement controls pretty much everything, so would a dealership contract. Some people still hasn't figured out what car dealerships was all about. In the before time, before the Internet and all that the car manufacturer would need a retail store, effectively a dealership since nobody would order a car by mail order or over the phone. But instead of that belonging to a big car company that took all the profits back to their corporate HQ, laws were passed to make that a local business that would keep it part of the local economy. It's a bit of a protectionist racket, but the local customers may have wanted it. Today though you don't need a retail store, because you can do it online. The car manufacturers want to cut out the middle man, the middle men want to stay. It's become a protection racket for e-tail vs retail instead of local vs big business.

Comment Re:Tech Company arrogance. (Score 3, Insightful) 161

1. Technology isn't alive. You can copy it, test it, break it, completely gut all the parts and rebuild it. Ethically you cannot do that with people and animals. And right now if it dies, it is dead you can't undead yet. Unlike technology, it dies you can bring it back to operational again.

And this one is the blocker for the really interesting research now, which is combating aging. This graph is in Norwegian but it should be pretty understandable, it's number of deaths by age for each sex and in total. If you look at age 1-17 it's almost zero. from 18-40 we get to make our own stupid choices but still very low, 40-60 people start to check out, 60-80 it's climbing rapidly and 80-100 almost everyone dies. If we were all as resilient as 20 year olds we could live 1000+ years, we're fighting disease in a more and more frail body. I'm not saying it's pointless but it will get exponentially harder and harder to improve.

The problem is though that nobody wants to experiment on healthy people that don't suffer from anything but aging, that you're in good shape for a 60yo but considerably worse than when you were 20yo is only natural. Beyond that you should eat healthy, exercise and all those other lifestyle choices we're not going to make any real medical effort to make you young again. Could we for example clone a new heart and give me a heart transplant, for no other reason than it got 50 years less wear and tear? Can we fix presbyopia that from Greek literally means "see like old man"? What about a way regain lost hearing, that almost everyone loses with age?

This is not how you would maintain a car, you don't wait for it to break down first before you start doing anything. Parts have life spans, parts need service, parts that start showing signs of wear and tear gets replaced. Humans? Don't fix it if it's not broke, in fact we often can't even fix it when it's broke. You're just supposed to accept that you're not a spring chicken anymore, half your body's systems are failing and doctors are running around with the proverbial duct tape. At some point we have to try experimenting on making healthy people even healthier, to rejuvenate them. We haven't really started yet and we certainly won't finish in my lifetime, nor in the lifetime of anyone I'm likely to meet.

Comment Re:Good for backhauls and maybe some DC uses (Score 1) 73

10GB e-net stuff is still mostly priced at enterprise levels.

The 10 GbE card would be the least of my worries. We have had two operators offering it for "consumers" here because apartment buildings typically have a single connection but most pro routers have dual uplink ports so it didn't really cost them anything to offer it - but the price has been ~10x their gigabit price at $1800/month and $700/month respectively. From what I've understood it's extremely few clients, but... there's always that guy working with 4K dailies both from home and work or whatever and the odd billionaire tech freak I suppose. Personally I got 150 Mbit and could get more but my connection is rarely the problem, I think the only time I'd like a faster line was when my GTA IV installation got irrecoverably borked and I had to wipe it and download ~57GB again. And even that took less than two hours...

Comment Re:"Debating"? (Score 1) 146

Seriously, anyone giving a shit about higher resolution? What I care about is sensible gameplay and fun. You remember fun? Try to put it back into games and I'll bother buying some again.

Depends on the game. I really like Overwatch, obviously you can play that on pretty much anything and it's rather cartoony. On the other hand, I've always loved the increasingly natural look of the TES games from Morrowind to Skyrim. Oh and you just got old, I'm not doing to pretend that FPS games are worse now than when I played Doom 2. If you go back without the nostalgia glasses many of the games were quite pathetic then too but you were 15 and had different standards. And I really can't sit up all night any build empires in Civilization anymore, but really beating tanks with militia in the original wasn't better than today, it was lamer. But at the time it was totally super cool. Welcome to the non-excitement of having lived a while, it'll get worse...

Comment Re:Need to stop exporting recycling goods (Score 1) 166

actually, I did not pull that from my ass. I have since 1967 been a recycler until 3 years ago. At that time, I spent some time looking into the industry (I was laid up with health issues). I found out that WM who said that they recycled local, does not. They send it all to China.
Likewise, I have had to get old parts to make some computers work, so I went to the local e-recycler. If it worked, they re-sold it and made money locally. If not, they broke it apart and sent the board with gold or silver to be shredded and then sent to china for smelting. It was shredded because it was less space (most cargo ships are volume constrained, not weight).

So, no, the ONLY one pulling out of their ass, is you.

Comment Re: But climate change is a myth!!! (Score 1) 205

good lord. idiots like you are the reason why we have this. China's gov and businesses make decisions such as remaining on 88% coal derived electricity. Why are they doing that? Because it is CHEAP. And why do they not run scrubbers on their coal plants? Because it raises the costs of their electricity. These are NOT CHOICES that the west made. These are choices that China made. Not its ppl, but the gov and businesses.
That is also why idiots like you that scream that it is up to individuals to make a difference has absolutely NO CLUE.

Comment Re:It's cute how Naive you are (Score 1) 166

well, the interesting thing is that for china to send their junk to the west, requires that these ships go back FULL. Right now, they are paid good money to take garbage and some is recycled while others is not. What is interesting is that waste accounts for more than 1/2 of what we send back to China.
If we keep the waste here, it will NOT be landfilled. Why? Because regs prevent it. IOW, burning for energy, combined with recycling, are the only options other than sending it overseas. And once export stops, it will mean that we will have low cost material here that will be use for manufacturing.

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