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Comment Re:Atheist (Score 1) 583

Oh, you cannot be serious. You're agnostic about god, because god can't be defined? But it's not about evidence, it's about philosophy? Seriously?

The impossibility of defining "god" is a good reason to be agnostic? It's impossible to define "asdjfop". It's impossible to define because I just made up the word, and it has no meaning. I could pretend it had meaning, but I could then pretend that it was impossible to define its meaning. You must, therefore, be agnostic about "asdjfop" as you cannot define it.

It's not about evidence of "asdjfop", after all. It's about philosophy - specifically, the logical impossibility of knowing everything about existence.

Especially asdjfop.

Comment Re:Atheist (Score 1) 583

Surely before trying to answer the question of whether god exists or not, it would be useful to define "god". Asking, "What evidence do we have against his existence" is a pointless question unless you first define what "he" is. And there we reach the first - and fatal - stumbling block. There is very little - if any - agreement between faiths, nor between people who ostensibly share the same faith, as to what "god" is.

So, a question: what precisely is it that you're agnostic about?

Comment Re:Nobody gets "e-books". (Score 1) 503

That's the future of books. Being able to share your thoughts about a book with other people all over the world reading the same book, at the same time.

Oh good god please, no! At the end of every page, will there be a "comment on this page" button, where everyone reading the book will stream their comments, and someone will - almost invariably - spoil the ending? That's settled it for me - definitely not getting an eBook.

Comment Re:Not just yet... (Score 2) 523

Yeah, Adrian's creepy. He's creepy in the book too. It doesn't take much of reading the book to realise he's up to something, just as it didn't take much of seeing the film that he was up to something.

But did you *really* work out the extent of what he was up to just from that one scene?! Somehow, I very much doubt that (spoilers have already been declared, but *SPOILERS* anyway) from that one scene you not only worked out that Adrian killed the Comedian, but also why, and that the Comedian had planned on setting up Dr Manhattan as a man prepared to kill millions simply to prevent a nuclear war.

If you weren't suprised, you weren't paying attention. The film, until the ending, was rather true to the book. But the ending is different between the two. If you haven't read the book, I would recommend you do so before claiming you worked it all out so easily.

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