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Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 293

To be honest with you, it sounds like you are bad at the game.

Starcraft is very much about speed and memorization, but it is far from ONLY about speed and memorization. Yes generally a player that is faster and knows his build better will typically win. But the advantage that gives decreases at the higher levels of play. You can't count on having better mechanics than your opponent, and even if you do your advantage is usually not big enough. The core mechanics of the game are the foundation on top of which you build the more advanced, more interesting aspects of the game. In basketball it doesn't matter if you have a playbook full of awesome, creative, winning strategies if you can't dribble well enough to execute them. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

Starcraft is about having more stuff, and to some extent the right kind of stuff, than your opponent. How do you do that? You need to be faster, your build needs to be optimized, AND you need to do things to keep him from getting more stuff than you. That last one is what makes it interesting. He took a fast expansion- should you take one yourself, or go kill him because he's invested money in his economy and not his army, meaning you have more dudes? You're trying to take an expansion to get an economic lead- what are you going to do to keep him from rolling over your army with his forces? You fell behind somewhere and now he has a bigger army- how are you going to delay him from pushing in and killing you? Can you position your army and control the engagement in such a way that you turn what would be a losing fight into a winning one? All of that and more starts to matter once you have solid fundamentals.

Watch the way the pros play, preferably longer games. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Comment Re:what's wrong with letting the game be a game? (Score 1) 293

At the higher levels it's all build order and strat and multitasking at an insane level. It's fun, but when you get to the higher levels the experimentation in the game is pretty much gone. If you experiment at all with a new strat you are dead.

I disagree wholeheartedly. Metagame shifts are always happening, they just don't happen overnight. If you experiment with a new, untested strategy then yes you are going to lose. You're doing something new and untested vs. someone that has probably done what they're doing 100 times before, after seeing some pro do it for the 2000th time. But after you've done your new untested build/composition only 20-30 times, assuming it's a sound strategy to begin with, you'll have hopefully started to refine it to the point of it being viable.

Comment Re:I predict more are going to jump ship from Micr (Score 1) 480

Actually, the ribbon was created to expose more functionality. Most users of Office weren't aware that there were any new features added since Office 2000. MS had solid research to back that up. The ribbon really does a great job of exposing new, useful features. I'm amazed you aren't modded troll.

Comment Re:PS3 (Score 1) 516

Hmm, interesting, I'll have to try that out. Thanks.

The PS3 works just fine for me as a media player, and it even passes the girlfriend test as long as it's working. I really like it. But if I were looking for a dedicated media box, the PS3 is not it.

Comment Re:PS3 (Score 5, Informative) 516

I do this for my PS3, and there are a few issues that would make me NOT recommend it for the OP.

Occasionally my PS3 refuses to find the media server and both have to be restarted. Not a huge deal, but annoying- especially to someone who doesn't know how to reboot the media server.

Sometimes PS3 Media Server doesn't get the auto-transocde right. So you have to browse to the TRANSCODE folder on your PS3 and select a transocde preset manually. Very handy for a techie, not user friendly at all.

The interface on the PS3 kinda sucks. It's a basic hierarchy-style file browser. Yes you can find something if it's labeled properly. I have a "TV" and "Movies" folder, and in there each show or movie has its own folder and in that is the media file(s) associated with it. But after using XBMC or Boxee which automatically find your media, pull all of the metadata you'd ever want about it, then make it easily searchable, you'll realize just how much the PS3 is missing. They both offer WAY more in terms of usability, plus Boxee streams all kinds of fun internet content. I had occasion to run Boxee this summer after using my PS3 for 2 years, and it was like fucking magic.

Comment Re:He sega dreamcast (Score 1) 1115

Because if piracy didn't exist, your friend would have shelled out $50 for the retail version of all of those games, right?

"CESA reports a total of 19,347,668 downloads for the top twenty DS games and 86 billion yen ($941 million) in damages." -

And yet Nintendo is making money hand over fist with the NDS.

Correlation is not causation.

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