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Comment Re:Agreemsg (Score 1) 148

While I agree this one definitely looks like a useless toy, it looks like it should fly the same over land or water. If I was that pilot, I wouldn't want to try that over land, though. It doesn't look like a very stable design when it comes to balance. Of all the "flying car" footage I've seen, I like this one the best so far:

The only video I'd really like to see of this "Kitty Hawk" is one that shows how the boaters react when it flies directly over them.

Comment Re:Known problem (Score 1) 389

That's a valid point, but in that specific case the real problem is that they didn't hire a "real software developer" to replace me. Perhaps there are too many fakers out there posing as software developers, or perhaps there are too many managers who need to hire an in-law or a friend of a friend as a favor, or perhaps the company has a poor work environment for developers that causes the good ones to leave, or...

I could go on, but I'm sure you already knew all that before I started. There are plenty of reasons why Scott Adams hasn't run out of material yet. ;-) However, software projects aren't always that bad. When I inherited the project I'm currently in charge of (in addition to the other project we have here that they have me assist with), I figured it out just fine. If I ever leave, it all comes down to whether the person they hire is a real software developer or someone who knows enough to fake it.

Comment Re:Cars can have better 3D vision (Score 1) 389

"It is not obstructed by the increasingly thicker pillars of the inside of a car"

You said it. Those thicker pillars to hide extra airbags have increased my blind spots so much that the airbags have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I need all those extra airbags so much more now that I have all those extra airbags.

Comment Re: A purpose built chip (Score 2) 91

I'm sure you've already seen the "it's 15-30 times, not 15-30 percent" replies. There's also the "performance per watt of the TPU was 25 to 80 times better". Can you imagine how much money this can save Google in electricity costs? It's 1-2 orders of magnitude better (10-100 times), with the possibility that they will continue to find dramatic improvements.

If we equate your assessment with a "bunt", what Google really did is knocked the ball out of the park.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 205

"For instance, people who fill out online job applications using browsers that did not come with the computer (such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on a Windows PC) but had to be deliberately installed (like Firefox or Google’s Chrome) perform better and change jobs less often."

That's actually really funny. It makes you wonder what the big data correlations would show for people submitting online applications from iPhone/iPad browsers. On Windows it seems pretty stupid if you don't install a different browser, but on iPhone/iPad it seems pretty stupid if you do. Then again, depending on what angle you're looking at it from, it could be seen as pretty stupid to be using either Microsoft or Apple products (and Android is both better and worse).

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 1) 499

IMO they should split it.

They should offer (but not require you to accept) a unique signed client certificate to every registered voter. If you accept it, you can vote online exactly once in any election using that signed certificate. The deadline for online voting should be midnight BEFORE election day, but you should be able to check online to confirm how your vote was cast after the deadline. As long as you can check back later to make sure your vote didn't get lost/changed, and the software is open and strictly regulated and inspected to ensure that what you see is what's getting counted, I would trust that more than paper. The certificates can be set to expire automatically in a few years to force you to re-confirm that you're still alive, that you still live at the same address, etc.

For anyone who doesn't want to use the certificate, who loses it, or has it stolen (which you would notice immediately when you try to cast your vote online and it tells you that you've already cast your vote), you come in on election day and cast a paper ballot. Showing up in person on election day will automatically invalidate any online vote tied to your registration (it would happen when they verify your ID and check you off the list to prevent you from casting another vote).

If done right, this could be made even more secure than most bank web sites (my bank doesn't even offer client-side certificates for online access), and it would greatly increase voter turnout. Who wouldn't want to avoid taking time off from work, driving to the polls, and standing in line? It would also make the lines a lot shorter for those who prefer to come in person.

Comment Re:Do older programmers even need help? (Score 1) 435

IMO you're making some broad assumptions without knowing any pertinent details, in much the same way you did with the original comment I disputed. You know nothing about the company I work for (where we've had only 2 employees outside of sales leave in the past 13 years) or the type of customer contacts I work with (enterprise-level, but none closely aligned with software development). What about my wife, my kids, my health problems, and everything else in my life that influences my decisions? I can bring up various points, and you can easily pick them apart because you don't know the rest or don't have the same priorities I do.

For the sake of this argument, it doesn't matter whether I (personally) am a good communicator. Have you never even met anyone who was shy/introverted but could still make a good argument when necessary? Can you not even imagine anyone like that?

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