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Submission + - Top 10 must have games for GBA (

njkid1 writes: "Before the GBA is put down for good, Infendo compiled a list of titles you should try to pick up before they're gone. All of them are $19.99 and under and are a good pick-up during these short software droughts: — The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap — Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising — Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby Version — Mario Kart Super Circuit — Metroid Fusion — Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga — Golden Sun — Final Fantasy VI Advance — Fire Emblem — Anything from the Classic NES Series"

Submission + - Migrating from Windows to Linux (

Steve Emms writes: "There are many articles written about the reasons why users may wish to convert to Linux. Frequently cited reasons include the favorable licensing terms, the freely distributable software (with source code), support from the Linux community, improved security, open file formats, the fact that Linux can run on a wide variety of platforms, etc. However, unless a desktop user is provided with real alternatives to the existing software he or she currently uses, migration to a different operating system is going to be very difficult.

This collection of articles aim to dispel the myth that Linux isn't really ready for the desktop user seeking to move away from the Microsoft world. If you are thinking about switching from Windows to Linux, bear in mind that many of your favorite desktop applications have Linux equivalents, often with a comparable feature set.

For each Linux application, we have compiled a portal page providing an overview of the software, a screenshot of the application in action, a comprehensive list of its features, and links to sites offering information and support on the software such as forums, tutorials, and reviews.

Read on ..."

Emulation (Games)

Submission + - Nintendo 64DD Emulation May Soon Be a Reality!

Croakyvoice writes: DCEmu have an article up about the Emulation of the Nintendo64DD now being possible because the ability to dump the games is now a reality. "kammedo of ASSEMblergames has pulled out some awesome & obscure Nintendo 64 development hardware that can potentially dump Nintendo 64DD cartridges. It has been very difficult to begin any Nintendo 64DD emulation, especially since there aren't any ROM Images dumped. With the development suite kammedo has: a Partner Nintendo 64 unit, PC Interface Card, RAM cartridge & cable, and a Nintendo 64DD Development Unit, it is now possible to dump Nintendo 64DD development or retail carts, but don't go around asking for dumps!"

Submission + - Interesting article on page rankings manipulation

Ayal Rosenthal writes: "March 14, 2007 (Computerworld) — Rand Fishkin knows how valuable it is for a Web site to rank high in a Google search. But even this president of a search engine optimization firm was blown away by a proposal he received at a search engine optimization conference in London last month, where he was a panelist. The topic — Can a poker Web site rank high on a Google search using purely white hat tactics — meaning no spamming, cloaking, link farms or other frowned-upon "black hat" practices. Fishkin answered yes, provided the site also added other marketing techniques and attracted some media attention. The rest of the panel scoffed. "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight," one chided. After all, this is the cutthroat online gambling sector. But one poker Web site owner was intrigued, and he later approached Fishkin. "He said, 'If you can get us a search ranking in the top five for online poker or gambling [using white hat methods], we'll buy that site from you for $10 million,'" =viewArticleBasic&articleId=9012943&pageNumber=1"

Submission + - Cingular to Refund $18.5M in California

YogaFlame writes: Cingular Wireless will refund $18.5 million to thousands of former California customers who were penalized for canceling their mobile phone service because they had trouble making and receiving calls. The settlement announced Thursday with the California Public Utilities Commission ends a lengthy battle revolving around Cingular's treatment of dissatisfied subscribers from January 2000 through April 2002.

Submission + - Geeks are as sexy as anyone

Don Brooks writes: "Geeks are as sexy as anyone.

Wired blog

Some fun little meaningless non-scientific online poll results about the sex lives of geeks from Geek 2 Geek, an online dating site for people who self-identify as geeks (whatever that means)"
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Xbox 360 Digital Rights Mismanagement

Divalent writes: "Parallax Abstraction, a frustrated user of the Xbox 360 Online service (Live) has gathered in one place information regarding a distressing flaw in the implementation of DRM by Microsoft with regards to their Marketplace downloaded content.

Digg Story

Anyone who has had the misfortune of needing to replace a console has the added insult of being locked out of previously downloaded content unless they are actively logged into the Xbox Live service on the new console. This makes arcade games and many full games with premium downloadable content (map packs, etc) completely inaccessible if you decide to take the box to the cabin or grandma's."

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