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Comment Re:Psssh, Hippocratic oath! (Score 1) 439

Once the principle guaranteeing my right to life is undermined, that provides precedent for the state to further undermine my right to life. This is already happening with abortion, and euthanasia is merely another step towards the state taking control over an individual's birth and death. If you have any libertarian streak in you, you should be up in arms against euthanasia. On the other hand, if you want others, such as the state, to control the critical portions of an individual's life, then you are the enemy.

Comment Psssh, Hippocratic oath! (Score 1) 439

Used to be that doctors, who hold control over the life and death of many, had to take the Hippocratic oath that they would not abuse their power. Now the oath is all but defunct, and many medical schools don't even require the oath. With legislation such as this, there is no way after the fact to ascertain whether the patient actually asked for death or not, and even whether the condition is critical is often a judgment call of the doc. Under the guise of humanitarianism, such legislation removes the checks, as slight as they may seem, that keep a doctor from abusing their power. For a forum that uses the slightest provocation to complain about the erosion of our rights, you all seem remarkably silent about the erosion of your very right to life!

Comment Re:HRmm...... (Score 1) 312

Technically, even with a truly infinite amount of resources, it isn't necessarily the case that all possible results just happen. For example, consider an infinite random walk in 3 dimensions: The chance the random walk ever returns to its origin is just 34%, not 100%.

Comment Re:I'm wondering on what they base this notion.... (Score 1) 828

Currently women are not allowed to serve on the frontlines. If military leadership believes letting women serve on the frontlines will cause more military casualties, I'm sure the same reasoning applies to homosexuals.

I believe these sorts of decisions should be mostly left up to commanders who know what it takes to keep their people alive. These decisions should not be dictated by politicians in DC.


Japanese Game Developers Go West 84

donniebaseball23 writes "More and more Japanese game studios and publishers are looking toward the West. But as the industry becomes more global, is this really such a bad thing? From the article: 'Gameplay is an art that transcends borders, and it simply makes good business sense to keep your eyes open for opportunities no matter where they present themselves, as Zenimax, EA and THQ clearly have. Far from ruining the Japanese gaming industry, it may in fact save some of the best Japanese developers from considering retirement or a career change. They'll be able to make games on their own terms with their own original IP, and shouldn't it ultimately be about these creative types being able to realize their visions?""

Comment Re:Galileo? How about Bruno (Score 1) 775

From your link: "It is often maintained that Bruno was executed because of his Copernicanism and his belief in the infinity of inhabited worlds. In fact, we do not know the exact grounds on which he was declared a heretic because his file is missing from the records. Scientists such as Galileo and Johannes Kepler were not sympathetic to Bruno in their writings."

Submission + - Interesting Comp Sci research for Masters?

yters writes: I have just started a computer science masters degree at the Air Force Institute of Technology. I'm interested in researching and writing a thesis on intelligent agent architectures that use evolutionary algorithms, partially because these are all very interesting fields for me, and because I think agent architectures are the cutting edge for both the military and the commercial sector. As I've read on /., distributed computing algorithms are the wave of the future. But, before committing loads of time and thought to my own singular vision, I would like to poll the wisdom of /. What topic would you recommend and why? Also, if you have any particularly interesting insight into the fields I've mentioned, I'd like to hear it. Thank you, you brilliant, beautiful denizens of the 'net!

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