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Comment Re:In Australia (Score 1) 71

New Zealand got this 20 years ago when the two media companies divided up all the newspapers in the country between them.

Then they bought all the radio stations. One of them owns a free to air TV network, the other owns the pay TV network. There is a publically owned free to air network, but it owns a (small) share of the pay TV network, so won't compete with it.

They are now trying to claim they don't make enough money competing with each other so they need to merge.

Guess who's reporting on that as being a good thing? That's right, the media companies.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 1) 359

That link to Gwyneth Paltrow's site is a sort of look down the rabbit hole really.

How can anyone be sucked in by that nonsense, I mean does anyone really imagine that Gwyneth sits down every day and writes all those pieces about all those products from her "friends"?

That juice machine is no worse than the "Nutribullet" that was claiming to turn fruit and vegetables into "Super Food" every time I turned my TV on last year. If I was less lazy I would have complained to our Broadcasting Standards people who would have prosecuted them for telling blatant lies.

I have seen huge piles of the Nutribullets at various retailers lately however, selling for a tiny fraction of the their original price, so maybe people are not always sucked in.

Comment Old (Score 4, Insightful) 82

The summary reads a lot like the PC magazines I used to read 20 years ago, where any tiny increase in performance was worthwhile.

Thank goodness we're at the stage where any x64 processor from the last few years will be plenty good enough for most people, and benchmarks are largely meaningless

I am looking forward to the day when it's the same with phones.

Comment Re: Perhaps an S7? (Score 1) 119

I'm upgrading soon from an S5 - I wonder if I should get a 7 while I still can...

I'm going to upgrade from an S4 and will get an S7 for something like $250* less than the current retail price in 6 weeks or so.

why not try something like a OnePlus 3T?

I won't buy a phone without a microsd card slot, but other than that they look like a really good phone at a good price. If they offer a model with external storage the next time I'm in the market, I will consider them.

* Local money, not $US

Comment Re: Way overdue (Score 1) 113

I don't entirely disagree, but Democrats are no better, it is just different industry groups bribing them to get what they want.

The article is pretty crappy though, the question seems slanted to get the desired result:

Do you think local governments should have the power to start their own high-speed networks if current offerings are too expensive or not good enough?

I'm not sure what other answer there is.

Comment Re:Wonderful? (Score 2) 386

So isn't it great to have an OS that lets you change your window manager

I should be able to mod this up to +6. I don't favour KDE myself, but if you do, good luck to you. I think Cinnamon is a really good desktop environment, but over the years I have used most of them and Linux lets me do that which is the key thing.

Comment Re:I know just the man for the job (Score 1) 78

These guys were presumed to be extinct, but were rediscovered in 1948.

There are no native land mammals in New Zealand, so introduced rats, cats, dogs and mustelids wiped out many species that have evolved to fill the ecological niches that mammals usually occupy.

The loss that really annoys me is the Moa. The largest species reached 3.5 metres tall or so. Imagine coming across one of those while walking in the bush. Of course people wiped them out. It would be hard to resist hunting something that big, a two might feed the whole village for a couple of days.

Comment Re:It already doesn't look good (Score 1) 88

SNAP is insanely, stupidly over-valued and we all know it. The only ones who don't seem to be the ones hurling money at it.

While you do make a good point, I think the investors in SNAP do know it is insanely overvalued. I think they hope to off-load their shares at a profit before the crash comes.

After all, there is one born every minute.

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