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Comment Re:Wrong, evil and going to happen (Score 1) 101

I live in one of the Pacific states affected by the TPP. There have been many, quite large protests against the TPP, but they get almost no press here, or anywhere else I assume.

For instance there was a march through the main street of our largest city last summer, which was held on a Saturday, as most of the protesters had jobs, and were not the usual rent-a-mob crowd.

I happened to be in town at the time, and witnessed at least 25,000 people marching. It hardly got any mention at all on the TV news that night, just a short clip, and a dismissive piece about "protesters", but it looked pretty big to me.

As others have said, the TPP is only good for big business but our Government is really keen on it, and the opposition can't seem to grasp the advantage they would have if they opposed it properly.

Comment Re: A simple exercise (Score 1) 166

we spend less of our GDP on defense than many other countries...

I thought I would do a quick search to test this, and found this which shows Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia are the only countries which spend more of their GDP on defense (in 2014 anyway). I would imagine a fair bit of Israel's spending comes from the $3 billion or so in aid the US sends over each year, and Saudi buys their gear from the US. There's a lot of money in war.

Comment Eeny meany miny mo (Score 1) 78

Who do I hate most?

Oracle, Google or lawyers.

Oracle lose a stupid lawsuit, and will probably have to pay a huge amount of money which is good,

to Google, which is not so good,

but a lawyer might be 'sanctioned". If that means losing her license, then great, one less lawyer. It will probably mean don't do it again.

Comment Re:Good reason to keep them in control then (Score 1) 28

If they lose it, the replacements won't hesitate to censor everything they can.

They already are in a way. There's another story on this site about how that music streaming site you love is going to go broke because the licensing fees they have to pay make them unprofitable. That's what a consolidated market with strict IP laws get you.

Comment Bury this please (Score 2) 278

I'm kind of hoping this comment gets buried because of the flamewar in this thread, but here goes. I have no sympathy for Facebook really, but in my opinion they should respond in the same way ICANN responded in the next story down

ICANN is neither "required or qualified" to pass judgment in such cases...

Facebook is neither "required or qualified" to be pro-active in seeking out offending content...

In other words, tell them to get stuffed. If Facebook engages with these arseholes, they'll always want more.

Comment Not an iPhone (Score 2) 48

iPhone case with flash storage built directly into the case...

Or I can buy a phone with an SD card slot built directly into the phone

You won't need a new phone and you won't need to carry around an extra charging dongle...

No I won't will I?

Since Apple doesn't make expanding your storage with third-party devices easy...

Other phone manufacturers do however, so I'll just buy one of their products.

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