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Comment Re:disconcerting (Score 1) 74

Have a look at this then.

There's a graphic that attempts to explain why there are lots of whale strandings at Farewell Spit and while it's fair to say that we don't know why it happens, the explaination sounds likely to me.

This has been pretty big news here in New Zealand for the last few days, and I heard the Department of Conservation guy on the radio this morning say that the whales that swam off the beach had been moved by volunteers during the previous high tide, so I don't think it's such a mystery.

Looks like he has been misquoted.

Comment Re: Makes sense. (Score 2) 109

Small beer, which is generally low alcohol was brewed regularly (daily?) particularly in the Middle Ages, because, as you assert, people had no knowledge of sanitation, but they did know they would get sick if they drank the water, but not if it was fermented first, so it was the drink for working people in many places.

I did read that the only time the British Army refused to march during the Peninsula Campaign was when they didn't get their beer ration, but I can't find a link now, so maybe the story is apocryphal.

Comment Re: Alternative to ban (Score 4, Interesting) 233

The example I was thinking of is a former colleague of mine who was hired to be a designer, but was way too flaky and stupid to ever really make a go of it.

The fact that she was absolutely gorgeous meant that she was employed for a lot longer than she should have been by my boss, (a man who should have known better).

I saw her a couple of years ago, she's in her early forties now (I think) and did the smart thing when she was fired from designing. She worked as a booth babe for just long enough to catch a rich fellow at some event, marry him and have a child.

She is now happily divorced with no need to ever work again.

Comment Re:Real answer... (Score 2, Insightful) 128

Yup, VR is pointless and dead.

Some PlayStation people were demoing their take on VR at a local Mall before Christmas, and they really did it well, with a huge trailer and lots of music.

The real attraction was the fact that the people doing the demos were all hot young girls with big boobs and tight tee shirts. It was very busy, but I don't suppose they sold a single unit.

Comment Re: Well, damn (Score 1) 333

I think the comparisons people are making between Trump and Hitler is because the "America First" attitude starts out as something like "We are going to put the interests of our own people before the interests of foreigners" which doesn't sound too bad.

Unfortunately when things start going wrong, interest rates creep up, or inflation gets out of hand or unemployment goes up then there is a convenient scapegoat right there, and history shows us that violence is not too far away.

I still have some faith in the checks and balances of the US political system. The President is not a dictator, and there are too many powerful people who stand to lose too much if Trump gets out of control.

I suspect at some point some major players will sit Donald down and give him a very stern talking to if they think things are getting out of hand.

Comment Re:With an small download cap! (Score 1) 147

I'm just commenting to back you up. We had a data cap, but then my kids got older and started streaming video, playing games, and whatnot, and the data cap was a giant pain in the backside.

I'm getting 38 mbps on VDSL, which I'm reasonably happy with, but we do have fibre in our street, so I will look into that.

The problem is having a shared driveway, I have to get all the neighbors to agree to letting the installers have access which might be hard.

The other point I wanted on make is the standard of expertise of the installers varies wildly. The original muppets who attempted to install the fibre in our street succeeded only in rupturing the water pipe, sending a spray of water about 5 metres in the air until the water guys came and fixed it. I believe they were sacked, as the next lot looked a bit more professional and must have got things working.

Comment Re:Predictions based on Samsung Ownership (Score 1) 146

You're right about processing power, even my old S4 might work OK in a pinch. The point I was trying to make was that Samsung will make a pig's breakfast of the software, and it will be unusable.

At least that's my prediction, based on my own use of Samsung products.

Comment Predictions based on Samsung Ownership (Score 2) 146

Keeping the 3.5mm jack will be popular, an they learned from the stupid S6 which had no micro-sd card slot.

The dock thing will not be popular, even if it works Samsung will force users to use some terrible Samsung software and it will be awful.

It might be a pretty good phone though.

Comment Re:"Broadband" (Score 1) 292

I have an old PC running pfSense doing Squid (as well as firewalling etc) on my network. I'm not really sure how much difference it makes to be honest.

I can't believe how slow network speeds are in parts of the US, I get 38 mbps or so on VDSL where I live, but that's not considered particularly fast. My neighbours have the fibre service that has just been laid, and they get 100 mbps down no problem.

1.5 mbps would be a disaster at my house, with 4 people streaming video or playing games at the same time.

Comment Re:Stop with the Nag screen (Score 1) 62

The tech support reviews make me laugh. They're often in awful English and offer the poor developer no details of any use at all.

Someone should collect them, they're often entertaining as hell.

"Reunited me with my dad 26 years after he said he was going to the store to buy milk and cigarettes."

That's a good review right there.

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