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Comment Re:Cloud, eh? (Score 1) 119

Apple is the clear leader in media management (photos, music), and this is an effort to get the Android platform to compete adequately with iOS. The Android store has chock full of music management software, which highlights the deficiency in the Android platform.

Comment Re:Two very different things (Score 1, Funny) 305

My ISP already does this and it is very frustrating. When I stopped sending them checks, they cut my download speed to 0 - Zero! They didn't allow any upload speeds at all. After an angry call with the help desk, I agreed to write them a check on a monthly basis. They now allow me to download and upload from any website. Anyway, I contacted my representative about this. To think that the ISP would stop letting me use their service, just because I stopped paying for it. The monopolies will rule the world!


Android 2.0 — Competition Against the iPhone and the Rest 347

GMGruman writes "Every few months, it seems, there is a new 'iPhone killer.' Android 2.0, in the guise of the Motorola Droid, is the latest such 'killer.' But what will it really take to beat or match the iPhone (single page), and does Android or any other mobile OS have the right stuff? There's a lot more to the answer than is usually discussed. This article takes a look at the strengths that may allow Droid and Android 2.0 to provide strong competition to devices like the iPhone and the Blackberry, as well as the obstacles it continues to face that could inhibit adoption."

Comment etymology (Score 1) 613

Looking at the early meanings of the word, it is not hard to see why "nice" engineers finish last. When people say nice, they often mean "thoughtful" "considerate" or "kind". However, there are important distinctions, since people with latter attributes do not typically finish last.


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