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Journal Journal: Not dead?

Quite recently, I have read something about that guy Thomas Riebl I was working for a long time ago. He (or somebody with his name) appears to be still alive and seems still quite convincing in matters of knowledge. Big surprise.

Maybe in the future we will learn what Thomas Riebl is able to do when he doesn't try to betray people.

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Journal Journal: More Spam

all-inkl (meaning something like "all inclusive") is my web hoster. I was asking them whether they could apply some filter 'cause it's no no fun to download several hundred megs of Windows virus mails just for fun every day.
They said no, but I could define my own filter rules if I desire to do so - and pay for it.
I didn't want to pay.

Today is the second day after the call, and the second day with less than 3 virus mails. Impressing. I am asking myself what more all-inkl has started to filter, or what else happened... They haven't said a single word...

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Journal Journal: Another day in paradise...

  • 276 spam mails since yesterday, 7pm (making 15 per hour).
  • Anti-spam scripts work less effective than ever, thanks to Verisign's Sitefinder.
  • In my personal mailbox, six pieces of another Winodws virus, .exe format.
  • Reading Just another Winodws hole. Again.
  • Reading German politicians lose control, are badly prepared and without any ambitions.
  • Heard on the street: G.W.Bush is planning another war. Again. Which country it will be this time? Not sure.
  • Met a neighbor: She has lost her job. She says her husband is unemployed for over six months now.
  • World bank is said to have predicted Germany to have economy grow by 0%.

Oh happy day!

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Journal Journal: Veteran changes the sides

Lately, I had an event with a guy called Niels Gerhardt. He is one of the founders of FreedomForLinks. It appears, in these days, he has changed the sides. At least, he is now a megalomaniac. Founding a small company with a mediocre idea, not less than 82% of all gains he claims for himself - without moving one finger.

Uncool guy, and a clear boo from here.

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Journal Journal: Moralist and mystic Bruce Perens

When the recent talk started about SCO's letter on Bruce Perens' comments...

The Linux developers have a legal right to make use of the code under that license. No violation of SCO's copyright or trade secrets is taking place.
In this case, there was an error in the Linux developer's process (at SGI), and we lucked out that it wasn't worse. It turns out that we have a legal right to use the code in question, but it doesn't belong in Linux and has been removed.

...I couldn't help but again asking about Bruces mental sanity.
Really, I have no idea how he can devaluate code for some questionable reasons, giving SCO a wonderful chance to misquote him.
Bruce is not exactly a programmer genius, and for whatever reason he thinks other people's code has been erroneously integrated into the Linux kernel, it is in no way a technical or juridical reason. It can only be the odor of moral malfunction...
It is the perfect comment; it will later on be used at the courts, as it is a declaration of moral failure of the Linux community.

Thank you Bruce. Next time think before you talk.

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Journal Journal: Ill-humo[u]red...

The recent days have been full of stress to me. Now I try to relax by making silly and cynical jokes, offending people and not using my brain.

After all, I've got too much karma anyway...

Or, do you really believe you will be reborn in a higher existence if you're hoarding your Slashdot karma?

I can tell you: NO, in the best case you will be reborn as Cowboy Neal, which is actually not the best case.

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Journal Journal: No spam??!

This is my first day without spam in this year.
Probably my uplink's broken or my ISP has introduced some new radical filters - filtering everything. In fact, I have no regular email, too...
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Journal Journal: Commercialising Gentoo?

This message about the reasons behind the Gentoo Linux community schisma reveals how "some people" try to exploit the work of hundreds of OSS volunteers.

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