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Journal yanestra's Journal: Another day in paradise...

  • 276 spam mails since yesterday, 7pm (making 15 per hour).
  • Anti-spam scripts work less effective than ever, thanks to Verisign's Sitefinder.
  • In my personal mailbox, six pieces of another Winodws virus, .exe format.
  • Reading heise.de: Just another Winodws hole. Again.
  • Reading spiegel.de: German politicians lose control, are badly prepared and without any ambitions.
  • Heard on the street: G.W.Bush is planning another war. Again. Which country it will be this time? Not sure.
  • Met a neighbor: She has lost her job. She says her husband is unemployed for over six months now.
  • World bank is said to have predicted Germany to have economy grow by 0%.

Oh happy day!

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Another day in paradise...

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