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Journal Journal: New bad marketing move from Palm 2

Wired report on leaked palm documents

New Palm document shows prices and plans for Palm Pre.

"We Can't Afford to Sell the Pre to the Wrong Customers"

The text appears in big pink lettering on page 11 of the guide, which explains the the Pre is not for everyone. Titled ï½Sell the Palm Pre to the Right Customerï½, the official line is that the Pre is ï½best suited for non-IT Centric business users.ï½ That sounds to us like the Pre isnï½t up to the job of being a proper business smartphone, and itï½s for the exact same reason that the iPhone was a hopeless business phone on launch ï½ web apps.

The Pre canï½t run proper applications, instead using the WebOS, essentially a way to run web pages locally using javascript and CSS. Rememeber the iPhoneï½s web apps? This is the same kind of thing, albeit with local storage for offline use. Palm admits as much. The questionnaire reads thus:

  • Does your company have specific application requirements?
  • Does your line of business require specific product features on mobile devices?
  • If YES, then the Tro Pro is your best mobile device option

Yes. According to Palm, if you are a business customer, you should buy the Treo. The Pre, the much-hyped Palm-saviour, is not good enough for you.

See the entire document on Engadget

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Journal Journal: Submitting Stories 3

Is it even worth submitting stories?
It seems like ever single one is rejected (or someone else got to it first).

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