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Journal yakatz's Journal: Submitting Stories 3

Is it even worth submitting stories?
It seems like ever single one is rejected (or someone else got to it first).

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Submitting Stories

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  • 1) give up and let your dreams die
    2) keep plugging away
    3) submit them as journal entries so at least someone can see it and they can get picked up as front page stories

    Actually right now is probably a good time to submit as it looks like /. is low on material.

    A while back some people compared notes on submissions it wasn't pretty - not even the best was able to get something accepted regularly

    • by yakatz ( 1176317 )

      3) submit them as journal entries so at least someone can see it

      I notice that when I go to my user page, it lists my submissions there. Can everyone see that?

      • by tqft ( 619476 )

        Try this []

        I gave up worrying about it and just clicked the box on journals that said spill it to the front page.

        It then goes through into the firehose, where stuff happens and may or may not get any further.

        Doing non-journal submissions is OK but there is no easy way to update or control anything once you hit submit.

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