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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Your best lighting hacks?

Johan writes: "I'm about to update the lighting of my livingroom and hallways. There are basically too few windows in too large rooms and especially during winter, the rooms feels more like caves than rooms. So I've been thinking about adding a lot of smaller random lamps, all controlled by a few switches or dimmers to make it easy to tune the atmosphere of the room. Most of the lamps would probably be standard stuff that I buy at second hand stores, but I would also like to add a few "hacks" because, well, we all like to have some home-made geeky projects around us.

So I thought that slashdot would be the best source of creative, weird and fun projects for lighting up my rooms. I should add that the projects should be somewhat "tasteful" since I will be sharing this appartment with other people that are a lot less geeky than I am. I would also appreciate if they are not too pricey, or rather the coolness/price ratio should not be all too hig."

Windows 7's Media Hype Having the Opposite Effect As Vista's 864

Death Metal Maniac tips an Ars Technica piece suggesting that the media's coverage of Vista's flaws portrayed the operating system as worse than it was, and, if early reports on Windows 7 are any indication, positive hype will create the opposite reaction this time around. Quoting: "... the problem is exaggeration; ... bloggers and journalists alike use their personal experiences to prove their point in their writing. The blame doesn't solely lie with us, as Vista was by no means perfect, but we did manage to amplify the problems beyond reason. And if the beta is anything to go by, Windows 7 is going to fly. This is, by far, the best beta operating system the software giant has ever released. The media has locked on to this, and is using exaggeration already, before Windows 7 is even ready for prime time." Apparently a decent beta can succeed where $300 million and Jerry Seinfeld failed.

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