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Comment Re:Flip Side (Score 1) 117

windows 10 is more space efficeint than windows 7 was, but it's also missing functions and the UI is pretty jacked up.

in windows 7 you can put any file or shortcut you want into the launcher bar or start menu, in windows 10 you can't, you can "pin" multiple folders if you want, but they all go under the right click menu for file explorer, same with multiple text files, they all go under notepad.exe, so specific files cannot be accessed with one click anymore.

Comment Remember Michael Hastings? (Score 1) 326

Oh wait, Hastings was locked inside a Mercedes as it crashed. Obviously no relation to this BMW story.

Then again, I'm a bit surprised that they revealed the capability so publicly. It's not like any dictators or powerful authorities would ever abuse such a capability.

(Don't look at me. I've gone completely paranoid now. I even think Snowden is just a sincere pawn and he was never allowed near any of the really dark stuff.)

Comment Why not a survey? (Score 1) 349

As surveys go, it would be as good as most of the recent ones.

Anyway, I've never read even one volume of the series, though I'm pretty sure I consulted it at various times. It was certainly available in the university libraries where I was teaching or studying. Also I remember seeing it in the research library when I was supporting the researchers. However, I can't really remember any details after all these years. The place I should have been introduced to it was when I was earning my CS degree, but I don't think I even knew about it until afterwards... At that time I think I primarily associated Knuth with TeX.

According to my records, the only Knuth book I've read in it's entirety was Surreal Numbers , but I'm suspicious of my memories of that book... Did he construct an entire number system starting from the empty set? Was it based on a lunchtime conversation he had with a pure mathematician, and he basically reconstructed the discussion at book length?

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