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Comment Stability (Score 5, Insightful) 388

This may well come as a complete shock to many of those involved in the production and development of software.

But its true, so I'm going to lay it on you.

Most people do not use software for the sake of using software.

I Know. I can hear you cry and see your tears. Get over it.

Strange as it seems, they use software to get stuff done. Its a tool. They learn the tool to get stuff done. They setup up processes that incorporate the use of those tools to get even more stuff done. And then *poof*... iPhones! Woo!

If you're constantly changing the tool, you're constantly changing the way people have to get their stuff done and constantly upsetting the process and increasing the cost of getting stuff done.

Try this for a mantra:

What do we Want?
Gradual Change!
When do we want it?

Change is good, I'm on board. But take care how you fuck things up in the name of progress. Understand that yes, in some peoples view your wonderful improvement is fucking things up, and they are not in error . That doesn't mean your idea isn't great, it just means you probably haven't thought it through well enough. That said...

Usually people tossing out these ideas have little idea what they're talking about, with respect to what it would take to achieve.

OK, this is turning into recreational bitching (turning into?).

I have two shorter answers to this question, one polite, one less so

  1. Have some consideration for others.
  2. Stop being so fucking selfish

Comment Re:Well, I guess I've got to watch it now. (Score 1) 356

Let me guess, you're up in arms due to the word 'shyster'. Try select, right click, Search for ...

Note the relevant bit: Various false etymologies have suggested an anti-Semitic origin, but there is no proof for that.


The etymology of the word is not generally agreed upon. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says it is based on the German Scheißer (literally "shitter" but also used to refer to deceivers),[1] but the Oxford English Dictionary describes it as "of obscure origin", possibly deriving from a historical sense of "shy" meaning disreputable.[2] Various false etymologies have suggested an anti-Semitic origin, but there is no proof for that.[3] One source claims that the term originated in Philadelphia in 1843 from a disreputable attorney named "Schuster."[4]

Comment Re:Do a prenup (Score 2, Insightful) 447

If both party's motives are pure, they should have no problem with one.

Well, if someone asks for a pre-nup he or she is already considering divorce to be a event with a rather high likelyhood. Is it really smart to marry someone who considers divorce a likely event?

It means nothing of the sort. It means they understand that life isn't a fairy tale, that anything is possible in human relations and that includes divorce, like it or not. Is it really smart to marry someone who lives in a fantasy land where bad things like divorce don't happen? Or worse, just don't happen to them because they're somehow special? Likelihood isn't the issue. Possibility is. Its always possible.

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