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Comment Relevant Trivia (Score 1) 20

Due to alleged security concerns, all researchers from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are prohibited from working bilaterally with Chinese citizens affiliated with a Chinese state enterprise or entity.
  - Wikipedia: Chinese exclusion policy of NASA

That's why they are rolling their own. The US Congress, in its painfully finite wisdom, locked them out of the ISS program among others.

Comment La Jetée (Score 2) 1222

The best science fiction movie of all time is a short (half-hour) black/white French film called "La Jetée" [translates as the airport's observation deck]. It is in the format of scanned photos with narration, like Ken Burns' PBS documentaries.

    A child sees a man crumble and die while visiting Paris Orly airport's observation deck in 1962. Shortly after there is total nuclear war. Because he is obsessed with this image of a man's death, he is selected to be a guinea pig in an experiment to send him time traveling into the future in order to get an energy source to restart civilization. He succeeds in moving in time, but always ends up in the pre-war era. There, he meets a beautiful woman and falls in love.

    It doesn't sound like much, but it is a true masterpiece. MIT even published a coffee-table book detailing every scene.

    It is super low-budget. One scene that shows the Arc of Triumph in Paris with a huge chunk blown out of it actually has a pin hole from a thumbtack displayed in it.

    David Bowie did a homage to it in video for a song from his Black Tie/White Noise album in the early 1990s.

    It is available on DVD from most big-city library systems.

Comment Re:Do I have a choice? (Score 1) 103

>> Win 10 keeps installing "updated" video drivers which don't work on my laptop.

They've published a procedure to fix that permanently so you don't have to keep fighting it.

Tldr; device manager, find the device, right-click >> Properties >> Driver Tab >> Rollback Driver.

That should block future updates to that driver.

Related topic: can you send a nastygram to your video card manufacturer and ask them not to publish bad drivers to Windows Update? MS isn't developing these drivers, they are just passing on what the manufacturer provides.

Full disclosure: I work for Microsoft, but this isn't paid shilling. I had the same problem on my personal kit and the above fixed it.

Comment Re: Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

> Half of social security and medicaid is paid BY THE EMPLOYER.Only self employed sole proprietorships pay 15%, or S-corps on their salary...

The argument for this statement is "If the employer didn't have to pay half then they could pay it to the worker. This means that the tax effectively costs the worker the full 15%."

It isn't a strong argument, but it isn't completely wrong.

Comment My list (Score 1) 259

Reading now:

Recent reads I enjoyed and would read again:

  • The Three body problem trilogy (Cixin Liu)
  • Daemon, Freedom, and Kill Decision (Daniel Suarez)
  • Redshirts and Fuzzy Nation (John Scalzi)
  • Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)


  • Exam Ref 70-398 Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise (for work)
  • A Celebration Society (Jonathan Kolber)
  • Packing for Mars(Mary Roach)

Comment Re:No sequential numbering of service packs (Score 1) 105

> Windows 10 build numbers increase monotonically, but because they're not sequential, it's hard to tell whether someone has skipped an update.

All of Windows 10's updates are cumulative, so you don't skip an update. I.e. if you start with the Win10 1607 media released in July of 2016 and install March's update then the box is up-to-date.

MS is also publishing a running changelog with the build numbers and update info at

Full disclosure: I work for Microsoft, but this is not paid shilling.

Comment Re:What copyright-related limits on Beam? (Score 1) 105

My apologies, I don't know. That's not a question I've run into over in the enterprise space.

As a data point, on Win10 1607, I'm able to use the xbox game recorder to pull clips out of VLC and DRM protected streams (Netflix in Firefox, haven't tried it in IE or Edge). (I grok screen recording != screen streaming.)

Comment Re:As someone that works at Microsoft... (Score 1) 105

The Creators Update is the marketing name for Windows 10 1703, build KB4016251 15063.13 aka "RS2"

If I were to guess, I'd think the inspiration for the name is the new content creators features including a 3d modeling app and built-in game streaming with Beam.

Full disclosure: I work for Microsoft, but this comment isn't paid shilling.

Comment Re:Does it perform better in gaming? (Score 4, Informative) 105

My understanding is that it has a gaming mode that throttles all of the background services to give maximum performance to the foreground app. It also has Beam streaming built in, if you like to broadcast your play.

Full disclosure, I work for Microsoft. This isn't paid shilling though, this is me sitting on my couch reading slashdot when I should be getting ready for bed.

Comment Re:Well that's all interesting and good... (Score 1) 396

Zero? Under "Everything", it's the first 3 links. Under "Stories", it's the first 4 links.

There are two possibilities here.
1. I'm lying.
2. New search results were added to the index after I posted this.

I assert that the latter is true. When I posted this an hour prior to your comment there were no mentions of it.

Comment Re:Well that's all interesting and good... (Score 3, Insightful) 396

I just searched for "susan rice" and there is -zero- mention of the accusations against her in the first page of the search results. If I click over to the "Stories" tab, the first result is her denying any spying allegations involving the Brits. I'd love to have a non-conservative opinion on this, and their silence speaks volumes.

Fake news is news that is not true, not news you don't like.

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