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Comment Re:Cool, but .. (Score 1) 668

Sliding-out qwerty keyboard isn't that popular where key Nokia markets are.

Well, and you know...on Nokia you can actually install different browsers, relying on different (and local) engine. Plus I could certainly install apps to memory card in my S60v3 phone, are you sure you can't on yours?...

Comment Try Vivotek who made DLINK cameras (Score 1) 218

I work with IP security cameras, and in the last year there has been a huge increase in the number of IP cameras, even quite a few now with megapixel images.
Vivotek based in Taiwan is the OEM that made the DLINK cameras and has quite a few cheaper cameras (as well as expensive professional ones). Not sure where they can be obtained retail, I buy wholesale.

Comment Lysenkoism makes your argument look foolish. (Score 5, Informative) 213

Specifically, I'm referring to your argument that "Science is one thing that if done right under socialism works best."

Under capitalism, science is often bent to the needs of the patron/employer/investor.

Under socialism, science is often bent to the political needs of the "people" as interpreted and enforced by the government.

Neither case must necessarily lead to a poor outcome. However, it's naive to think science can be completely unfettered from the society that supports it. All forms of government and economy concentrate power into the hands of a few at the expense of the many. Those few then use that power to shape the actions of others to suit their own needs and beliefs.

Gloss: Lysenko was the director of the Lenin All-Union Institute of Agricultural Sciences, who decreed as a matter of state ideology (among other bizarre rubbish) that desirable traits in plants were not heritable, but instead could only spread through grafts and nongenetic methods. In short, he was a Lamarckian who could ruin a scientist's career, or worse, for daring question the validity of official state science.

Under Lysenko, agricultural science in the USSR was, from the late 1920s until 1964, based on ideology rather than the scientific method, and this led to uncounted misery for Soviet citizens due to massively underperforming or failed crops.

Wikipedia has a decent article about it.

Comment Re:Security Failings (Score 1) 117

Some people confuse two of the A's in AAA. Login passwords are for "authorization". "Accounting" is where you catch multiple people using the same login, not "authorization".

Correction: Login passwords are for authentication, not authorisation.

Authentication checks whether the password / user matches and grants access on that basis - Is this Joe?
Authorisation checks whether the login combination is authorised for the requested command / task once authenticated - Is Joe allowed to do X?
Accounting is a method of ensuring that Dave is not being authorised as Joe, unless you are referring to the trolls.

Too often we presume than if a user is authenticated (correct user/pass combination) they should be allowed access, without considering further security aspects of Non-repudiation (proof of transaction), Availability (physical and virtual - avoid DDoS and break-in), Confidentiality (was the password in cleartext?) and Data Integrity (sanitise your damn inputs).

Comment Re:nasa is not gonna get much done (Score 1) 175

The simulations showed that Ares 1 could not lift the Orion module into orbit. So what did they do? Build a more powerful Ares 1? No, they stripped down the Orion. It has gone from a six person crew to a four. It has gone from landing on land to an Apollo style splashdown. They've even stripped out the toilet. Guess what? It still can't lift the Orion into orbit. Orion now has to use it's service module engine to get into orbit, which means less fuel for manoeuvering.

NASA's job may have been to push the frontier, but recently it has been hobbled by politics, both internal and external.

Comment Re:The People Problem (Score 1) 595

**) Another part of the horrible 'socialist healt care syste' - if you don't like your Doctor you can go online to change; up to two times a year, more if you move.

This is too new to have any impact on the general health of Norwegians. It wasn't like that 10 years ago - but you still probably had your family doctor. I know I did.

Comment Re:Tit for tat (Score 1) 332

Well Hyper-V Server is free, and supports clustering and subsequently, high-availability when images are stored on a SAN, live migration likewise, and all that.

The only difference with Windows Server editions, that is, Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter, is that they give you additional guest licenses.

The way I understand it, from this resource:

The ideal way to set up Hyper-V and Windows Server licensing wise is to have all your management stuff (System Center, third party management consoles, whatever you need to manage VMs and guest OSes) on the physical OS instance. Then you have one to many VMs that do "work", that is, runs your application, provides remote desktop, etc.

Now, I don't know how loosely Microsoft defines management. Is running the physical instance as an Active Directory Domain Controller considered "work" or is it necessary to manage the guest operating systems? I think they leave this intentionally vague and I doubt you'd ever get in trouble if they audited you and found that your server farm used physical instances for stuff like that. And with Hyper-V, in order to provide DHCP, DNS, etc to a private virtual network, you'd have to run those services on your physical instance or another VM.

So, to play it safe, pretend that with Server Standard and Server Enterprise you get 1 or 4 instances to play with on a server, and then each install counts as one. That's the absolutely safe way to do it. If you really want to play it safe and you're consolidating a lot of VMs, Datacenter gives you unlimited VMs and is more cost effective than Enterprise when you use more than 4 Windows Server VMs per processor.

Hope this helps. I am an IT/developer at a small business in Iowa and we use Linux for some services, firewalls and VPNs to branch offices (one in Iowa, two in Minnesota.)

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