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Comment Oh yes, envy me... (Score 1) 558

Motherboard: ASUS F2A85-V PRO
Processor: AMD A10-5800K Trinity 3.8GHz FM2 Quad
Memory (part number): G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 4 x 8GB DDR3 1866
Display Chip: AMD A85X (Hudson D4) [Integrated graphics, not a gamer)
Display LCD: Monoprice 30" IPS CCFL Backlit LCD Panel
Hard Drive (System): SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD256BW 2.5" 256GB SATA
Hard Drive (Storage): Hitachi HDS724040ALE640 (0S03355) 4TB
CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 CPU Fan
Case: Antec-300 PC Case
Power Supply: Rosewill FORTRESS-450w 80 Plus Platinum
UPS: CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 1500VA
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) Professional

Comment Re:WoW? (Score 2) 277

Most people back then didn't go to arcades and had never even heard of Pac-Man.

Pac-Man was ubiquitous because the video game craze extended well beyond the arcade. You could find them at movie theaters, liquor stores, pizza parlors, bowling alleys, kiosk space in the mall, even just past the checkout lanes at the grocery store. I don't know anyone who hadn't heard of Pac-Man by 1981.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 327

Depends, I'm still grandfathered under the "unlimited data" plan, so AT&T cannot legally cap the amount of data I am using.

Lucky for them (and for me?), I'm not one of the high bandwidth users who watch videos all day on my phone ... but if someday I need to use that much data off the 3G network, I did pay for it (have been for 2-3 years), and it should be readily available to me.

Comment Re:Seagate reliability (Score 1) 467

I have about a dozen 1.5TB Seagate 7200rpm drives purchased intermittently over the past ~2 years from ~4 different vendors. The most recent purchase was at the end of Nov 2009.

So far, no problems (knock on wood). They tend to run 24/7, but don't necessarily see that much disc activity (media server).

I did have one Seagate drive die on me, but I think it was a 750GB drive ... and that was a couple of years ago. I have at least 8 of those drives, plus four older 300gb drives ... all are off-line now, but they were working fine when they were in use.

Never tried the 5900rpm drives...

Comment Re:ISA slots (Score 1) 622

I also have a parallel-port EPROM burner that I use more frequently, the Xtronics Pocket Programmer ... however, it is not fully compatible with all of the older EPROM chips that I occasionally use.

At least their website is still active, and the latest Pocket Programmer runs off the USB port. Right now, I have no need for a $249.95 upgrade, but will keep it in mind.

Do you have a link to your preferred USB-to-ISA product?

For the record, I did find that the PB-10 would not necessarily run on newer (faster) computers. Maybe some of the internal timing has changed?

Comment ISA slots (Score 1) 622

The oldest I have in service is a Cyrix 6x86 system running Windows 98 SE. I need it for the ISA slots so that I can run my *Needhams PB-10 EPROM burner.

* Since doesn't come up anymore, I wonder if they are even still in business. :-(

Comment Re:Last sentence is stupid (Score 2) 369

Not to defend them, but the summary indicates GB caps not MB. 100GB is alot harder to pull down in a month, not that I haven't managed to do it on a crappy DSL line, thus making it even more likely someone with a nice fat cable pipe could do it.

I can easily do 100gb in a week, now that all these 1080p MKV files are out there.

You know, ummm ... backups for my BluRay discs. :-)

Comment Re:It can be very easy. (Score 2, Informative) 333

What is your process? Everything I've tried so far makes file that is poor quality, usually audio/video sync problems. I've been trying to convert to .AVI or .MPG - I'm not familiar with mkv. It seems like the encoding programs have half a million settings to fiddle with, and after playing with it for a while, I gave up.

I'm on Windows 2000, using DVD-Shrink, VirtualDub (for DVDs) and DivX.

Insert your DVD and have DVD-Shrink assess it. Normally, I'm just interested in the main movie, so if you want menus and extras, you may have to do some of your own research here. Select "Re-Author" so DVD-Shrink will allow you to recompress the movie and shrink it to fit a certain target size ... but I prefer to keep the quality, so I leave it full size.

Now this is an important step. Edit-->Preferences-->Output Files. Uncheck the "Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks". This way you'll get one huge VOB file, instead of several smaller ones. Run the utility, you'll get a bunch of miscellaneous DVD files, in addition to your VOB. The VOB is the only one you are interested in.

Find a copy of VirtualDub that can read a VOB file. Normally, a VOB is some sort of non-standard MPEG2 file, which will result in a synchronization/pack error (or something similar). This version of VirtualDub can read it like any other file. Select DivX as your compression scheme, configure your bitrate for whatever size/quality you desire, then save as an AVI. Done!

For those who like ripping television shows, each title should show up as a separate VOB file. This means every episode is ultimately stored as a separate AVI file. No menus, no commercials, no FBI warnings ... just the content!

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