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Comment Re:Huge Risk and Inconsistent Technology Assumptio (Score 2) 231

If there's life there, what are the chances that the microbes that we send there will be better at living on their world than the nativre stuff is? Sure, some of the native life might die out, like when an invasive slug or fish or plant drives out an indiginous one, but ALL life? No way. Grey squirrels may have driven out the red squirrels here in the UK, but they aren't threatening any other life. Most likely the Earth life will cause some damage, and then crash and die out, and the native life will be back to normal in a few hundred thousand years.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 231

I'm thinking, ff there's life there already, it's probably better suited to its environment than anything we could export there. And if it isn't, if it's so primitive and fragile that a few Earth bugs can wipe it out, well maybe that's tough. It played the game of life and it lost, like a quintillion species did on this planet. Now what would be a real shame is if Earth bugs wiped out the indigenous stuff, and then crashed and died out itself. But I guess there will always be something left behind that's still close enough to life to bootstrap itself.

Comment Re:The Culture novels. (Score 1) 180

Hear, hear. I'm not surprised that Consider Phlebas is the Banks book on two of the three lists (shame,, shame), since it's the first, but in my opinion it's not the best. Player of Games and Use of Weapons are better. Likewise, the only Niven listed is Ringworld (plus Mote, co-authored), rather than Protector which in my opinion is his best.

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