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Comment A neat idea but it doesn't solve a real problem (Score 1) 175

For about a decade most nutritional science has agreed that there is no real harm to consuming the amount of salt that is common in the western diet. Of course most doctors don't read science journals and thus continue to tell people to reduce salt intake. Personally I'd be much more afraid of what this might do to my taste buds then I would be concerned about consuming the salt that makes the food taste good.

Comment Absurdly complex solution to a simple problem (Score 4, Interesting) 204

The abstracts are always available, and nearly universally include the author's email address. I've yet to meet a scientist who wasn't enthusiastic to email a copy of their article to me. And I've had plenty of requests for my own papers that I've responded to, usually within hours or minutes. I don't think that the amount of delay incurred materially slows down the pace of scientific research. Frankly, I've got a pile of papers on my desk I'm meaning to read, all of which are days old, if not older. While this method of dissemination may be slightly annoying, it works very well for modern papers. Something published decades ago can be a lot harder to find via email, but generally it's a lot more useful to read current research than older results.

Comment Keytronic lifetime (Score 1) 452

I've used the keytronic lifetime series for a long time (since 1998), and am very happy. They have good travel, but are reasonably quiet. And the "lifetime" part of the name refers to the warranty, which they stand behind, without any attempt get out of it. I use the lifetime trackball, which is ergonomically awesome, but unfortunately uses a mechanical trackball, which means that it doesn't last very long (about a year!!!!). The keyboard part always outlasts the trackball.

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