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Comment Re:What does this indicate (Score 1) 158

A few ideas.
1. When the Germans arrived after WW2 they created German supply systems in the USA. The USA copied the best ideas from 1930-40's Germany and is now stuck with that method.
The US was in such a rush to get into space it copied all the faults of 1930's Germany.
No US company or gov worker is going to give up the wage structure and good standards generations later.
The USA finally got quality control but the cost was funding the US private sector to make all the parts to German standards in the USA.

2. No waste but the NRO and NSA use NASA as cover for other projects. e.g. a few covers for Manned Orbiting Laboratory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

3. Lots of waste as everything is secret and thats the way the contractors like it. Too many civilian contractors like the "secret" contractor jobs that pay.

4. A jobs creation issue for too many poor, unskilled people in poor states has created a generations of worker wage issues.
People are taking decades to learn how to work rather than been hired ready to work. Political leaders like the low skilled local jobs and use space "secrets" to cover for good jobs for generations of unskilled locals.

Not so much incompetent just generations of German thinking, mil grade secrecy covering generations of wealthy US contractors enjoying decades of great gov contracts.
Or the german advice got lost after the 1970's and its back to 1920's US production systems. Expensive and lots of errors. Skills lost that have to be recreated for every project and generation. Bespoke costs for every mission as the US has lost the art of design and has no ready production lines that work.
A US company will make what the US gov needs but the secret cost is hard to hide.

Comment Re:The term keep and access (Score 1) 86

The jurisdiction issue has been worked around.
A lot of the new data is from CCTV upgrades that keeps images for many months.
Private security uses CCTV or walks out in front of their building and takes a photo. The photo is submitted to the city or state.
The city or state then offers further database access to get federal funding.
Its not a federal database, its not really a city or state funded database if questions are ever asked. A hidden public private partnership that allows a lot of access and no questions.

Comment Secure your data. (Score 1) 339

A real desktop computer in a nice office.
A real laptop computer to share ideas on, walk around with.
A secure internal network to store work well away from the outside world.
A computer to search the web and use social media on that is not work connected, an entire different physical network.
If staff have to travel to other nations give them a brand new work phone and new laptop. Trendy looking but consumer grade.
The only contact is their boss and legal support. The computer device only has a few productivity apps for global meetings.
Do not allow any extra company data to move out of your nation with the worker.
Have staff meet their international contacts face to face in a secure setting, no smartphones, IoT around them. Use paper for vital information not a laptop file with all the brands secrets.
The worker does not return to your nation with any new data.
Be aware any nation can get access to that device globally so it could bring back issues that can a pass any reinstall. Dont trust any company device after it has been outside your own nation.

Make sure staff have all the documents for the language of systems they are using. If its close source, buy the full support.
If open source, download it all off site and keep an internal database updated for searches and issues.
That will stop interesting searches by staff on the web showing what your brand is working on.
Dont just give away your designs, new work everyday with complex search terms.
Expect your internet and other networks to be of interest to competitors, random people on the net, cults, faith groups, other private brands, governments and their security services, former mil/gov workers now in the private sector.
If its really vital, use secure paper files and a secure vault for meetings. No smart phones, smart devices, IoT allowed.

Read up on what the NSA, CIA, GCHQ can do to networks, to devices physically and on networks.
All the software and hardware issues gov/mil contractors can offer the private sector for the right price.
Be aware of buying new devices online and having them shipped in.
Alternation might be passible on the way. Crypto junk fresh out of the box as installed.
Educate staff on approaches by random strangers, new friends with interesting questions about work, who could have had contact with smartphones, laptops outside of work.
Make sure staff have full 24 hour legal and security support to report any efforts to ask about work, security at work.
Dont bring malware into work via random devices found. Dont allow "new friends" to just wonder around secure work areas to physically place malware or collect the results of past malware.
Do to allow any random sales reps to wonder around work. It could be an effort to map the building and place malware or collect data.

With your data more secure, a brand can then bring new products and services to the market without having their own gov, other governments, security services or competitors interfering with new products. Protect your brand, your staff, your ideas and bring new products to market.
Always hire staff on merit, do interviews and look at their entire background.
Look at their university life, are they smart or did they always need help from smart people around them?
Good workers can work, they don't need constant help or advice when given work. If staff have few skills find out why they slipped past the complex interviews? Inside help? If they have few real skills, what else is fake about them and why are they working for you?
Secure the interview system and do more background work on everyone why wants a job with your brand. Do not trust any of their paperwork or stories, look at every detail and see what is true.

Once only good workers are allowed in most of the issues are with expected brand products, marketplace not unskilled staff. Only hire on merit and make sure the skills listed are real.
Staff should be working for your band, your brand should not be working to help staff with their lack of skills.
Secure your ideas, only hire good workers, support your workers, don't hire workers that cant work.

Comment The term keep and access (Score 1) 86

The FBI only has a criminal database to look at internally. So that is the color of law talking point if asked about any such photo issues.
The FBI has access to a lot of other databases to search for images. The databases do not belong to the FBI so are not considered part of the FBI.
A lot of color of law words and terms are used.
The US face collection is public, mil, private, social media. The talking point on such access is always that the FBI only has criminal photographs in their repository.
Note very careful terms like "repository" are often used. Who owns the database is not really an issue if access is allowed.
If the FBI has access to 18 state databases with face images? Searches can then be run or requested.
Thats access to a larger part of the US population. Who has an oversight on each request or access?
Protections under the Drivers Protection Act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... ?
Other systems are the upgrades to the Next Generation Identification (NGI), and Interstate Photo System (IPS).
Also consider any policy on background check photo submitted around the USA :)

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 17

The UK can offer an huge selection of different ISP.
The problem is the network, all the POTS, coax, fibre. What to do with the network and how to keep it funded and working?
Make every ISP virtual on hardware that is kept away from the role of an ISP?
Allow one telco to be the hardware network owner and offer their own ISP?

Comment Re:I'm puzzled. (Score 2) 357

Consider past collection efforts in Ireland. The UK security services sorted every call and voice print in Ireland. Every call between Ireland and the USA, every call for support and funds flowing from the USA to Ireland. The UK followed Irish funding and support globally. Shipments, cash, human rights groups, front companies, faith groups, political support, lawyers, anything and anyone that supported Irish issues. Once found the UK acted globally to stop all such support for Irish issues.
Action to stop the support and worked deep within communities in Ireland.
Information flow was kept tight within the GCHQ, UK mil, RUC Special Branch. Other police and CID officers did not really have a full understanding of collection. The UK press did not know, wider UK police did not know. UK police could not pass stories to the UK press. The UK courts and lawyers did not get told.
The UK security service could then focus on interesting people in their own communities. In the UK, USA, Ireland and globally. The funding, political support, networks, every group in the UK.

Re "that shows they have either broken into his phone already or picked up some data from his ISP already."
The change in the UK was a political change from the traditional UK methods that worked to a more US method of profits for outside contractors.
All the contractors wanted was more UK over time and to sell the UK more secret super computers. Rent more software and provide support. Every issue can be found and corrected just by finding a voice print, tracking a phone, getting plain text from any consumer device.
What the UK did with that nation wide collection was not considered as the budget could only cover mass collection.
The UK could not fund two methods so all the new funding went to collection.
Even an East Germany knew it had to sort the information gathered. Collection is useless without funding for sorting.
What worked so well in Ireland was that the UK knew every interesting person by voice print, by name, by photo and was in their community watching 24/7.
Just collecting on every person in the UK is only the first step.
The UK has to now rediscover the skills of sorting and 24/7 tracking of every interesting person in the UK and globally.
More Local Intelligence Committee work than contractor computer work.

Comment Re:Why the focus on communication tech? (Score 1) 357

When all you have is methods that got used in the Soviet Union and Ireland, every issue has to fit a voice print, digital collection pattern.
The security services now expect everyone to have a digital device and use it.
Communication technology is what had the over time, funding, the expansion in staff, political support and contracts for new methods.
So the security services are now all ready for the methods they saw the Soviet Union use or that got used in Ireland
Communication technology took funding away from policing and the undercover methods of the security services.
The ability to stay undercover in a community takes decades of work, is a real skill that needed funding and political support.
If funding for that skill is taken away from the security service and police? Then every issues has to be communication technology related as that is all the UK invested in.

Comment Re:Brilliant! (Score 1) 357

The UK has two options.
Use the GCHQ as it did in Ireland. Collect everything, sort and act on the information gathered.
It took Ireland a while to work out why its support from the USA was not flowing as well as expected and the US east coast actions of the UK government.
Offers to change sides got made to most people of interest to the UK.
That needed helicopters, car tracking, telephone tracking, voice prints, people who could work in Ireland and not be noticed in any local community.

The problem for the UK is all its spending is going to digital collection. In the expectation that every issue can be understood with more digital collection.
If interesting people don't use digital devices then the UK has to consider more traditional collection methods.
So a 9 to 12 person shift of security services has to be found for every interesting person.
The UK now has too many interesting people to watch 24/7 and not enough staff to sit in cars, vans or buildings keeping one person under watch.
Millions of very interesting people moving in and around the UK need millions of staff to watch in shifts.
The numbers become East German with the ratio of informants, government workers to interesting people.
The other issue for the UK is active, generational counter surveillance. The more new staff the UK gov hires, the more of a fifth column, quisling issues gets created within the UK government and its security services.
New staff with language skills cannot be trusted and are detected collecting on the methods of the security services.
New staff stay loyal to their faith as they enter any government. The new staff then rise up the ranks of the UK government and security services, always reporting back to their faith groups.

Comment Use a VPN (Score 1) 106

to keep your data safe from your ISP.
If you have to use Facebook, Google, Microsoft 10, be creative with any data use.
If an ISP, OS and social media want to collect data, let them collect pure fiction.
Maybe some Firefox add on can help with that? A constant stream of social media and web words been created?
TrackMeNot https://cs.nyu.edu/trackmenot/

Comment Re:What's the killer use case? (Score 2) 84

Could be walled in both ways.
Pay for freedom or pay for a SJW internet.
Pay and SJW will not report and ban communications. Only with other paying accounts users who have the same account settings.
Pay for the ability to enjoy freedom of speech and freedom after speech.
A sealed area thats free of SJW but only with other paying users?

Pay and SJW have whitelisted all interactions so the net is extra safe? Pay to be safe from all freedom of speech.

Comment Re:I don't have any you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 197

Like other nations do, a person gets asked for an email account to track the application.
Bank account shows buying any network product over the years?
So that email account might be asked for.
Re 'give over their accounts that they use to actively proclaim .."
The question is like the old political party question on entry to the USA. All the USA has to find any trace of a lie and access to the USA is revoked.
The more questions asked, the more people might try to hide from the USA.
Its very hard to hide from friends of friends internet usage. A photo?
Facial recognition works well over all the different public and private databases the US has a gov, mil or has access to in the private sector.

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