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Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 1) 39

Re 'even more convenient and powerful, with remote sharing and stuff, which isn't something the advertisers particularly want to see happen) and nobody wants to maintain 10 different accounts to find stuff, so the logical step would've been to congregate around a market leader or de facto standard early on[1] and try secure some good long term license deals or options while Netflix's position is weak."
Expect big media and their cable friends to clone the streaming idea and make their own "new" lock in streaming shows.
The final step will to be to region code any must have productions onto their own cable networks and traditional networks.
No buying new shows and a flood of streaming imitations with the cash going back to big media.

Comment Re:East Germany equals America (Score 2) 36

It gets better. Even when laws are presented to slow the domestic spying down, reform is used as a legal gateway to perfect domestic spying.
"NSA Can Access More Phone Data Than Ever" (Oct 20, 2016)
Welcome to the "USA Freedom Act" that gave the NSA 100% of all US domestic telecommunications companies.
"As a result, the NSA no longer has to worry about keeping up its own database ... the percentage of available records has shot up from 30 percent to virtually 100."
"Rather than one internal, incomplete database, the NSA can now query any of several complete ones."
All telcos are helping at so many levels now. NSA, federal, state, city.

Comment Staff have to be smart again (Score 1) 63

Why was in house dx12 support not ready? Why is the port of a game so bad on a desktop? Staff are just not the best anymore.
Video is done at HD or 4K with free software or low cost solutions or software from a big hardware brand. Good enough to upload and share.
Music is streamed and created by creative people or a group created by committee to sell well.
VR is still been hyped as not inducing user issues and needs a gpu and cpu to get the frame rate.

The problem now is branding and the optics of the brand in social media. The staff presenting well as a group on social media is useless.
Having your best staff stop to help educate new team members for years is years lost on a product with your brand on it.
Average staff with no creativity or ability now been placed in top projects is not useful long term to any brand.
Stop including staff that need "support" for years on software projects. If useless staff have to be hired keep them away from software the consumers buy.
A new building for new staff and their special projects will keep new staff well away from slowing down actual products.
Government officials, inner city politicians, bloggers, tour groups can be shown what they need and want to see.

Hire only the best to work on products and code great software again.

Comment Re:Encourage curiosity, not coding (Score 1) 461

Nations that pushed the science is great story that still see a final flow to medical science, biology, teaching, nursing and other science related topics.
People with the funding and freedom to select a course enjoy what they want and pass really well.
Better to produce the best computer support tools for university teaching so a nations graduates are the best
Top pathologists, doctors, nurses all need computers and math but is the programming product been sold to them as a regulated turn key product?
Pushing programming and coding might not work as all the products are ready and its more about learning the OS, network and systems not the code.
i.e. get a book chapter out, enjoy a conference, working with existing regulated devices or in a lab setting and secure funding. The computer is a tool, not a tool that needs to be rediscovered every year.
If a new super computing is needed, learn it or have the ability to get funding for expert staff. The numbers of staff with that kind of skill and access to real funding is not huge in most nations. Thats the real problem for most. The funding and great computer design jobs don't exist and never will for 90% of graduates.
Only the top few are really going to design a computer OS or new language or have the access to fund computer designers for years. The lower 90% of the graduates will just be using computers sold to them to get great results.
i.e. publications, conferences, starting new projects and getting real funding is fun. IT support asked in to upgrade the lab is .... unpacking imported equipment, years of paper work and calibration.
Or you end up in the real world and have to run at a profit, look after staff and work with new product lines. Deal with governments and health insurance.
The computers are used everyday, no need to waste time and effort programming daily on site.

Comment 3 ways (Score 1) 331

Get the apps out of the desktops and cell phones. Ban the apps until the hardware and software is secure.
Get free AV and consumer grade AV products to scan the users home networks with the same passwords and test every device found as a default setting.
Tell the user about the type of devices they have networked and the poor quality security some have.
Get some real security from the 5 eye nations and find out who is doing the command and control.
If its a person or bad country whats the problem with finding the origins?

Comment Re:Signal triangulation = GPS (Score 1) 172

".. what response there was to the influx of double-agents, or if the responses were effective."
That can usually be seen with an influx of different science education offers, the building of listening stations globally, the power needs, cooling water and the rushed reaction to a few very select very fake signals collected.
Antenna design, foundations, the need to involve a local gov/mil with a cover story.
If billions get spent on placing hardware (like a long term thanks to results of double agents telling a good story over decades?
The over reaction in policy changes is noted or a better story is told.

Comment Re:The IoT as a connection? (Score 1) 152

How smart is the software on the drone and is the antenna tested to set specs in the factory?
If that can be measured or simulated a 3d printer with a study plan, read me and lists of materials and equipment could be passed around the inner city areas.
Design once, print anywhere. Thats the problem with factory fixed hardware and limited software expecting to have a secure radio link.
The next step is extracting the images sent back. Is the drone searching every part of the building or does it go direct to some location? That could show an informant issue and a map in advance?
Following a drone's signal back to its command and control network, can that be a way into other networks? Is the drone feed been shared? Its all packed with encryption?

Comment Re:This doesn't sound like a clever idea (Score 1) 152

Think of the shareholders. Why sell a device any other nation can offer to US law enforcement at a lower cost?
Make it special, US mil spec encrypted and enjoy a "no bid" security contract.
Then make it a suggested part of every law enfacement budget. So staff can expect the same quality standards all over the USA. Get educated once, drone anywhere in the USA.

Comment Re:The IoT as a connection? (Score 1) 152

But cant they just keep on adding heavy RF shielding? Add a bigger engine and carry more protection?
When a R.F. noise generator is encountered for the first time think of the sales to counter such inner city creativity:
Version 2.0 Feel the weight of the new shielding.
Version 2.1a A tight beam of commands from a helicopter to a small dish on the big drone.
Version 3.0 will be on wheels/tracks and just spool optical behind it for the length of the mission.
The upgrades and up sell will keep shareholders happy for decades :)

Comment The IoT as a connection? (Score 1) 152

How encrypted is that link?
How much computer power in a parked van with carefully designed antennas is needed to build up a picture of the command and control link in a suburban setting per device?
It really, really frequency hops and has super encryption?
After that all that a device that sends a default return code or induces an error to make the drone stop and return.
A bit like whats done to mil grade drones but as a production line in a city.
A race to offer counter measures to the inner city and secure the drones again, more upgrades per drone.
Up sell the police on new electronic warfare equipment to protect their drone? To track any passive collection attempts when the drone is in use?

Comment Re:Need to work with IoT developers and/or shame t (Score 1) 74

One way to do that is at the app level. Get the two big US brands to stop the smartphone integration of device apps that have a free flow onto the internet.
The app gets delisted until the device is fixed or upgrades.
It can be fixed by the IoT builders as they want cheap or use long supply chains.
The consumer want easy, powered on, integrated, working devices. No entering long unique passwords deep in the packaging.
Get AV firms to scan local networks and tell users their entire network and all their devices are unsafe on the internet?

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