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Submission + - Ultrasound Tracking Could Be Used to Deanonymize Tor Users (

x_t0ken_407 writes:

Ultrasounds emitted by ads or JavaScript code hidden on a page accessed through the Tor Browser can deanonymize Tor users by making nearby phones or computers send identity beacons back to advertisers, data which contains sensitive information that state-sponsored actors can easily obtain via a subpoena. This attack model was brought to light towards the end of 2016 by a team of six researchers, who presented their findings at the Black Hat Europe 2016 security conference in November and the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress held last week.

Comment Re: O wow (Score 1) 255

It works like that in Switzerland because they are a very small, homogenous society. They also share social and cultural values consistent among the populace. They basically agree on a standard for expectations. Try to actualize such a rule in the US and you will see how it falls apart. We're a far to vast, divergent and disagreeable society to ever achieve this level of pristine regeneration.

LOL. No. It's not because you have such a wonderfully 'diverse' society.

It's because your goverment is corrupt, the ruling elite have clubbed together and successfully locked out everyone else.

The foxes are running your henhouse and have for a long time.

Switzerland has a real democracy. You don't. End of story.

Not sure if you realize it or not but he's basically said the exact same thing, if you read further than the portion you quoted:

We're at a point where we have no rights. The corporations won. The govt handily betrayed its people and the workforce, selling our rights and our power as labor capital (the only capital there is because without it you cannot transform raw resources into commodities. Without labor nothing happens. Labor is the essence of producing tradable and currency in a capitalist society. But they've effectively succeeded in trivializing and marginalize labor so effectively were just about expendable slaves who have completely lost touch that our labor is the oil that runs the engine. Not resources, not corporations or stockholders. They have brainwashed and castrated American labor and labor everywhere into begging for work and taking any shit way they treat us at work.

How did this happen? What the f...?!

We were asleep at the wheel while they involved burrowed and shoved their way in. Now we're fucked. This settlement proves it. Its meaningless exercise in futility, neither punishing the violator nor recommending the aggrieved.

Comment Re:Cue the hipocrisy... (Score 1) 412

While nobody wants a huge abusive spy agency tracking Americans at all times, there are going to be plenty of people on here jumping up and down hoping for the destruction of the NSA... while simultaneously running around like chickens with their heads cut off claiming that Russian Hackers are the sole reason that Trump is president.

You can't have it both ways.

What about those of us hoping for the destruction of the NSA while also not claiming Russian Hackers are the reason Trump is president? We only want it one way :)

Comment Re:What's the point (Score 1) 103

Who's service have you tried? I flew with American Airlines around Thanksgiving and their in-flight wifi was MORE than enough for browsing social media and otherwise keeping me occupied for the 5 1/2 hour flight to LA. Granted I wasn't streaming [much more than occasional vid] and I agree with VoIP being impractical, but I was impressed, and happily occupied.

Comment Re:I'm afraid to click on any of this article's li (Score 1) 176

Why is this comment listed as "troll"?

Be definition, Former President and Governor Bill Clinton used his position of power to have sexual relations with two women which is what a sexual predator does. Yet we have little proof so far that President elect Donald Trump is a predator. And please don't claim the supposed the 13-year old girl rape case as proof because that case hasn't seen a court room. Nor is there proof to all the claims that suddenly appeared right before the election. None of those have seen a court room either just as with the some of encounters of Bill Clinton's. There is thing called innocent until proven guilty.

Ain't partisanship grand?

Comment Re:No, not fake news (Score 1) 232

Well, I can answer that. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the best and most qualified for the highest office among all living Americans at age 35 or above....If you pardon me this French phrase, Trump and Clinton are both the creme de la creme of American society.

I refuse to accept that...[insert diety here] help us all if I am wrong -- something we'll never know. Or, do we already know?

Comment Re:It's not surprising... (Score 3, Insightful) 176

Customizing a Linux distribution that you deploy to employees is no different than customizing Windows install image that you deploy on employee's computers.

Seriously. GP acts as though this requires some sort of great engineering feat. Sure you'll need experts that you'll have to in ANY Enterprise.

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