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Comment Re:Honest callow stupid question... (Score 1) 154

The orbital period of a star in a galaxy depends, to first order, on the amount of mass that is closer to the centre of the galaxy than the star. (That's a consequence of gravity being an inverse-square force.)

The distribution of stellar orbital velocities in a galaxy indicates that there is additional mass, not at the centre, but distributed amongst the stars in a galaxy. An inventory of the visible mass shows there is nowhere near enough to account for the velocity distributions. Therefore, it is inferred that there is invisible, or dark matter, that accounts for the discrepancy. It has nothing to do with mismeasuring the mass at the centre of the galaxy, whether it's a black hole or not.

This also holds true for the affect of gravitational lensing produced by distant galaxies.

Comment The title is misleading (Score 4, Informative) 154

From Ars:

The LUX detector (Large Underground Xenon) is designed to pick up signs of weakly interacting massive particles, or WIMPs, when they engage in one of their rare interactions with normal matter.

There are indeed other candidates for dark matter, WIMPs being only one of those. This experiment searched specifically for WIMPs, which only rules them out, while of course the other remaining candidates remain to be explored.

Comment Re:Never did like Opera... (Score 2) 85

Sadly, I agree. I'd already jumped ship to Vivaldi when it first came out early last year, but have given it up recently for stability and profile-syncing reason...but I didn't go back to Opera, I'm on FF for now, only until Vivaldi matures a bit more. The news about being bought by a Chinese consortium did it for me -__-

Comment Re:Insane (Score 1) 85

Why would anyone pay that much for Opera?

Why would anyone pay $600M for something with annual revenues of $460M? Best hopes of 5 years to recover the investment, but more likely 10 or more years? That makes no sense.

It's actually pretty popular in Europe and I'd imagine other parts of the East. I'm sure that's what is being taken into account here.

Comment Re:SubSonic (Score 1) 316

From what I just read on Wikipedia about Plex (not at all familiar with it otherwise), Subsonic would be a lot less fully-featured in comparison. From what I gather, Plex is a fork of the old XBMC? Something like a complete media center? Subsonic is more focused on streaming your own music library (and making podcasts, video is supported too). Someone will correct me, if I'm wrong, I'm sure. HUGE Subsonic fan here :)

Comment Re:Too Bad He's Shown His True Colors (Score 1) 412

Um, wot? The Senate and The House of Representatives are the two houses of "Congress," and neither can pass a law without the other. Need clarification. I do agree about pardoning Snowden, though.

Was going to say the same thing. Perhaps GP means "the latter is within the domain of the House," though as pla has noted below, they all fall under the executive branch.

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