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Comment Re:I'm afraid to click on any of this article's li (Score 1) 176

Why is this comment listed as "troll"?

Be definition, Former President and Governor Bill Clinton used his position of power to have sexual relations with two women which is what a sexual predator does. Yet we have little proof so far that President elect Donald Trump is a predator. And please don't claim the supposed the 13-year old girl rape case as proof because that case hasn't seen a court room. Nor is there proof to all the claims that suddenly appeared right before the election. None of those have seen a court room either just as with the some of encounters of Bill Clinton's. There is thing called innocent until proven guilty.

Ain't partisanship grand?

Comment Re:No, not fake news (Score 1) 232

Well, I can answer that. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the best and most qualified for the highest office among all living Americans at age 35 or above....If you pardon me this French phrase, Trump and Clinton are both the creme de la creme of American society.

I refuse to accept that...[insert diety here] help us all if I am wrong -- something we'll never know. Or, do we already know?

Comment Re:It's not surprising... (Score 3, Insightful) 176

Customizing a Linux distribution that you deploy to employees is no different than customizing Windows install image that you deploy on employee's computers.

Seriously. GP acts as though this requires some sort of great engineering feat. Sure you'll need experts that you'll have to in ANY Enterprise.

Comment Re:Multi-process not available for most users? (Score 1) 236

You can check if e10s is available by going to Options -> General -> "Enable multi-process Firefox". I think what TFA means is that it's off by default (unless you don't use addons) until Firefox 49, but can somebody confirm that?

I definitely do /not/ have that option available.

I can see a few things in about:config and about:support relating to it; it may be possible to get it going by mucking around with options but it's certainly not at the point to justify the headline.

I had this issue when I updated to 48beta a few weeks ago _specifically_ for multi-process. You can force enable it. Follow this:

Comment Re: O RLY? (Score 1) 369

Yeah man, it's mostly from my LinkedIn account, which I don't have set to "looking for opportunities." And it's usually REALLY good ones, or something I might be interested in if I were actually looking. Admittedly, I do get those out-of-state/6-month contracts/not-even-close-to-qualified-for jobs where it looks like they simply searched my "buzzwords" and sent off the email.

Comment Re: O RLY? (Score 1) 369

For good jobs? Or for 6 month contracts in another state?

Actually really decent direct-hire ones, local (Orlando-area, something of a hotbed for tech jobs I suppose recently) or in-state at least. Admittedly, I do get those I'd say about 30% of the time -- i.e. out-of-state/6-month contracts/not-even-close-to-qualified-for jobs where it looks like they simply searched my "buzzwords" and sent off the email.

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