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Comment Re:Driverless cars are a MEME (Score 2) 121

The margin seems to serve the purpose of holding the utterly important widget that tells you your name, user id and karma.
I find that highly useful because I ocasionally forget my name, I would have *no idea* where to look up my userid if I ever needed it, and my karma? It's changing so quickly between "Excellent" and "Excellent" that I'm having a hard time keeping track of it.

THANK YOU, /., for the new, user experience improving, margin.

If I might add, a narrower comment section feels more app-grade. Thanks for that, too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an app to app. With a margin.

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

1. is about automatic transmission

2. is about automatic transmission

3. it's not "the weight of the car", and there's no problem with the transmission being subject to a little strain, because it's designed to withstand hundreds of times that, as i've already said in the comment you're replying to

4. is about automatic transmission

Next time, try replying with something that actually pertains to the matter being discussed. Until then, practice your reading comprehension.

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

gearbox take the strain of holding your car in place is one of the stupidest things you can do

Talk about stupid. Guess what, the gearbox is designed to withstand that strain with ease. Why is that? Because it's a completely negligible fraction of the strain it has to withstand under normal operating conditions.
What you're worried about is not a problem at all.

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

Protip: Stop using the partking brake entirely. At least unless you're parking on a significant slope. First gear is more than enough to keep the car in place, and there's the extra advantage of not risking the braking pads freezing stuck to the discs.
In 10 years of driving ~200,000 km, I've touched the parking brake maybe 10 times.

Comment Re: The saddest part (Score 1) 59

Like making it feel physically impossible to jump on to railway lines Infront of an oncoming train? With transport, where big heavy objects are moving fast, having an additional barrier would be excellent. There are protective possibilities that are valid.

You honestly believe virtually jumping in front of an oncoming virtual train causes any damage?

Comment Re:Remember, this is "weak" AI (Score 1) 237

That's funny. Where I am, everybody knows that if the traffic lights are all off, it becomes an "all-way stop" and the traffic alternates: one row from one side, one row from the next side.

That sounds awfully vague. How long is a row?

It works really well if the people know what to do.

Do they, in practice? Didn't think so.

If the people know to use that stop sign when the light is off... they already know they have to do something different when the light fails, and they already know what it is. The sign is redundant.

I can't follow your logic on this one. Where's the redundancy? A stop sign next to traffic lights means something different than a yield sign next to traffic lights, which means something different than a right-of-way sign next to traffic lights, which in turn means something different than no sign next to traffic lights.

Comment Re:Remember, this is "weak" AI (Score 1) 237

Well, smart gubbermints might put signage up in case the traffic lights fail.

Where I live, it's very common to see stop signs on the same pole that holds the traffic lights. It is understood that the signage only applies in case the traffic lights are off/broken/obscured. For that matter, if there is no signage, we fall through to 'left yields to the right'.
For that matter, if there's a traffic controlling cop on the intersection, that takes precedence over all signage and light signals.

Glad I could provide you with a little insight on the matter, 60 years seem an awfully long time to forget "details" like this.

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