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Comment Re: Hell no (Score 1) 352

Don't feel bad. These things build (unsigned) char-acter.


Of course, that's still assuming your architecture has eight bits per byte. -PCP

No, none of that assumes anything 8-bit, except by that fact that CHAR_BIT cannot possibly be *less* than 8.
And even then, the minimum allowable ranges of integer types are actually specified in terms of intervals, not in terms of bit widths.
I.e. it's perfectly valid to implement C on a 13-bit platform and still have unsigned char be able to hold values no bigger than 65535. Likewise, regardless of how many bits per byte, signed char need not be able to hold values outside [-127, 127] (no, not -128)

(My brainfart does not mean I don't know my C.)

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 86

I don't have Facebook, and Microsoft lost me at Windows 10.

Same here, except s/10/XP/.

Google knows it from Android

Not necessarily.

compulsory Google Play store account.

That isn't really compulsory, it only looks like it is.

The misleading popup "improve the location accuracy agree/disagree"

Yes. I'd be fine with that misleading popup, if it wouldn't auto-switch to the so-called high accuracy mode on its own all the time.

Google [is] the biggest surveillance monster of them all.


Comment Re:Tired of this shit. (Score 1) 179

Your arrogance wreaks of someone who has never served in the military

You mean it wreaks(sic) of a sane person?

particularly in a combat role.

How is that anything to be proud of. If you did that, it only shows that you're dumb, expendable and probably wouldn't have contributed to society in any constructive way anyway.

That said, how does any of this matter to TAI vs UTC, my dear mil-grade potato?

Comment Re:Retarded (Score 1) 179

Except that a second is defined in terms of [what is emitted by] a phase transition of some particular element, or possibly in terms of the speed of light. Neither of which cares or has anything to do with Earth going around the Sun, and spinning around its own axis.
So "more accurate" is wrong. It will conflict with everything that does not both a) smear time and b) smear time in the exact same way google does.

Comment Re: Desktop Windows has more users than X11/Linux (Score 1) 403

Except he didn't say "free as in free beer"

The second "free" is redundant and hence implied. I only explicitly mentioned it to explain the phrase to you...

(which really makes no sense

...apparently unsuccessfully so, sigh. It must suck to be this dumb.

because you could substitute beer with anything in that case, such as "free as in free cars")

Just how often do you get "free cars" in the real world, my severely challenged friend? Okay, okay. Presumably as often as you get free beer, but for the rest of the world, "free beer" is actually not the rarest thing in the world. It tends to correlate with a bit of a social life outside mom's basement, though.

he said "free as in beer".

So you are able to read. Next step: reading comprehension.

Note that he never said "free beer".

He didn't need to (hint: that's what the big-boy word "implied" means, in the paragraph above)

You should have paid attention in school. Illiteracy is a horrible thing.

Pot, meet Kettle.

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