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Comment Re:https://google (Score 1) 146

Sorry, you're right. Even my browser handles it correctly now. (For the record, I remember trying this with firefox two-weeks-ago (version 20-30ish) and with chrome (version unknown) on a friend's computer, unsuccessfully both times, but it might have been due to the Host header indeed. I hadn't thought of that..

Comment Re: https://google (Score 1) 146

unless the domain ends in a period. "google" -> ""

So "google" -> "" -> "" -> "" -> "" [...]

Thanks for explaining the matter! I totally get it now.

Comment Re: Is this article serious? (Score 1) 163

I sometimes run 'sudo su - foo' because a) unlike with 'su - foo' I have to enter the root password rather than foo's password, and b) unlike 'sudo -i -u foo -g wheel' it's quicker to type.

Then there is no justification for the expectation that both sudo and su will somehow work as expected.

Yes, there is. sudo does its job, su does its job. Where the hell did you learn unix so that you think there was something wrong about combining the two?

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 1) 108

All you actually have to do is lower the periapsis of your orbit such that it ends up inside the sun.

Okay, what's the minimum delta-v required to pull that off?

we got probes to Mercury

Yeah -- With payload masses ranging from 1/2 to 1 metric ton... Without in-depth research, there seem to be at least 70,000,000 metric tons of nuclear waste in the US alone -- and that doesn't include the equally heavy radiation shielding etc. For the foreseeable future, this won't work. Cheap mass-driver launches might help at some point.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 2) 108

Or we could change the space treaties to allow it to be sent into the sun.

Do you have any idea what kind of energy it takes to send something to the sun? Earth's orbital speed is around 70,000 mph, that's 70,000 mph you have to decelerate your payload.

Speaking of the payload, nuclear waste consists of heavy atoms. Heavier than lead, or gold. Have fun getting that even into earth/sun orbit at an acceptable cost.

Comment Re:F.Ultra sucks LP's cock. (Score 1) 72

Neither FreeBSD nor OpenBSD (nor NetBSD) ship or "support" any DE, and frankly I don't think any serious BSD user would even want to use KDE or Gnome or similarily bloated stuff that makes their computer "ready for granny". BSD users aren't granny, and granny doesn't use BSD. It would really be missing the point.

Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 1) 254

I see north then south I am going the right way, but south then north stop immediately

Interesting idea, but too easy to DoS using two magnets from the hardware store:
(N===S) [trolled car] (S===N)

RFID chips into the asphalt.

That's actually a pretty good and inexpensive idea, if failing to communicate with an RFID tag doesn't render the car immobile.

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