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Comment Re:I'm postponing buying toothpaste (Score 1) 291

Is this about hospitals? No. Is this about killing pain in general? No.

Is this about Why, oh fucking Why does this dentist stuff still hurt so much? Yes.

I've spoken to a few dentists, and I know that it is impossible for them to get licenses or other means to use the stuff legally hospitals have at their fingertips (Novocaine, Tramal, even Metamizol). That's my (special) complaint. My general complaint is, as always, not that the pharmaceutic industry is fucked up, but that it is fucked up to have such an industry. If there's one place where Socialism naturally fits into any society, it's help and health. Nothing else does it mean when Mr. Spock tells you to "live long and prosper".

Comment Re:Space problem (Score 1) 146

Use your imagination. It doesn't has to be the "two 24'' monitors side by side on your desk" model. It may be a small old LCD sitting somewhere on the wall or desk within eyesight that displays combat logs or chat windows. It may be some cheap android tablet at your side displaying touchable stuff that, on a single monitor setup, would ruin rp experience (minimaps, actionbars, dialog frames).

I've got lots of working old monitors and I'd like to see SOME programm, not just games, take advance of multiple screens.

Comment Re:I'm postponing buying toothpaste (Score 1) 291

That "substance" could be clean colombian powder ;)

That's why even the TV inspectors rub it on their soft mouth tissue. If it goes numb, it's coke. It won't have any other effects on you if consumed this way, so it could be a good local anastheticum. What's currently in use cannot work on pure nerve tissue, that's why pulling a tooth's nerve is so painful, even with local anasthetics.

But no, can't have that. A good shot of Tramaldan would also be a good idea. But no, can't have that either. You know, drugs are bad. Except the ones sold by the pharmacy industry.

Comment Re:No you can't. (Score 0) 138

Sorry, but sooner or later you have to start making a product or providing a service that people actually want to buy.

That's 80s Wallstreet bullshit. There are no such things as products, services or money. It's all about grabbing the most of what you fancy (which in most cases is money). No selling or buying involved. Think consultants.

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