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Best Man Rigs Newlyweds' Bed To Tweet During Sex 272

When an UK man was asked to be the best man at a friend's wedding he agreed that he would not pull any pranks before or during the ceremony. Now the groom wishes he had extended the agreement to after the blessed occasion as well. The best man snuck into the newlyweds' house while they were away on their honeymoon and placed a pressure-sensitive device under their mattress. The device now automatically tweets when the couple have sex. The updates include the length of activity and how vigorous the act was on a scale of 1-10.

Lack of Manpower May Kill VLC For Mac 398

plasmacutter writes "The Video Lan dev team has recently come forward with a notice that the number of active developers for the project's MacOS X releases has dropped to zero, prompting a halt in the release schedule. There is now a disturbing possibility that support for Mac will be dropped as of 1.1.0. As the most versatile and user-friendly solution for bridging the video compatibility gap between OS X and windows, this will be a terrible loss for the Mac community. There is still hope, however, if the right volunteers come forward."

Comment Privacy? (Score 1) 856

Privacy? I don't think so. Bicycling on public streets (with some conditions) is legal in all 50 states.

In my state, a cyclist must right as close to the curb as is practical, but may take the lane "on the roadway that is too narrow for a bicycle and vehicle to travel safely side by side." The law also allows for choosing a lane position that avoids other hazards.

You're not paranoid -Âjust misinformed. Can you cite one state (you've claimed to live in the U.S.) that doesn't permit cyclists on roadways?

Comment Re:Hibernation? (Score 4, Insightful) 440

Two reasons, I think:
  • Many of my coworkers running Ubuntu (and I've occasionally seen this with XP also) can't reliably sleep and wake without crashing.
  • Badly designed hardware, with short battery life when sleeping. My older PowerBook G4 could sleep for 2 weeks on a single charge; my newer MacBook gets about 1 week on sleep. Again, I've seen a lot of wintel hardware who's battery won't survive an overnight nap.

I'm not saying this is a problem for everyone; just that there's enough issues that I think a lot of people are afraid or unable to use sleep.

Comment Re:USB is hopeless (Score 1) 277

Do you have a link that describes how to request the 1A?  I've built a few USB devices (nothing super complex, a few prototype instruments for a hospital lab, though I did write my own device descriptors and host software).

The configuration descriptor has a 1-byte field for the maximum power requested, and this field is represented in 2mA increments.  The largest value you could physically fit in this 8 bit field would be 255 (so 510 mA).

If you take a look at this example descriptor, you'll see what I mean:

    /* Configuration Descriptor */
    sizeof(USB_CFG_DSC),    // Size of this descriptor in bytes
    DSC_CFG,                // CONFIGURATION descriptor type
    sizeof(cfg01),          // Total length of data for this cfg
    2,                      // Number of interfaces in this cfg
    1,                      // Index value of this configuration
    0,                      // Configuration string index
    _DEFAULT,               // Attributes, see usbdefs_std_dsc.h
    50,                     // Max power consumption (2X mA)

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