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Comment Re:Finding Patterns in Crime (Score 1) 54

there aren't obvious patterns in criminal activity. Sometimes they use code words, but the code words are different for every criminal.

I heavily used code-words at one place simply because the office politics were so intense that little things created drama storms.

Bob: "How's the hopper rider and the green peas?"

Me: "Oh, the Flanagan popped a rabbit, which agitated the mountaineer again."

Bob: "Yeah, their fiddle-sticks pack a punch. Good thing the Flux Whopper can plug the hole, otherwise Mr. Owl's tree branch would hang the cheese and us with it."

Me: "I know what you mean. Hammerheadding almost always beats painted planetariums."

Bob: "At least Spiderman didn't frisk the Joker's tentacle."

Me: "Indeed, I hate it when that happens. Take care, see ya tomorrow."

Bob: "Sure, don't let the plaid horse-bugs bite."

People thought we were on LSD, but at least we avoided trouble.

Comment Re:structs and fundamental OO (Score 1) 405

By "merely", I meant C (and HLL's) didn't originate the idea.

I'm not sure what you mean by "less good". You seemed to agree there's a trade-off between optimizing for "machine" resources/time, and abstraction/discipline/consistency/clarity. "Good" would then be relative to needs, such as business requirements/goals.

Comment Re:Coordination, not more text (Score 2) 161

Literally any first world news source outside of the US is going to appear "left wing biased"

Most of the developed world is progressive compared to the USA. The USA right-wing is an isolated curiosity to most of the world. The only comparable nation I can think of would be Australia, because it still has open areas comparable to our mid-west, and thus an independent streak, as in, "We ain't need no pesky national government nosin' around in our business. We do better on our own."

Comment Re:Coordination, not more text (Score 1) 161

Because the idea that there are alternate facts and all viewpoints are equally valid needs to die.

If a claim starts gathering eyeballs, you have to address it head on. It's going to happen whether it "should" or not.

That's where a quick-acting debunking service would help. Debunking sites exist, but are usually late to the party. If a given fake article or fake meme pops up, then a debunking service can pop into action to check it out. Stick some ads on the side of the site to pay for it.

Like if you see a claim that "Obama eats puppies" floating around, you could check the site and see what the quick-fact-checkers have on it when it's fresh. In some cases it may be a work-in-progress, such as "we have not been able to confirm the rumor but are still sifting. Stay tuned." After a while, they post a thorough debunking of it. ... Oh wait, he did eat puppies when he lived in Asia growing up.

Comment Coordination, not more text (Score 2) 161

Rather than write yet more material, why not make a way to consolidate links to various topics in a convenient way so that one can read multiple viewpoints? That way I can see what Fox News says about any given topic, but also what NBC says about the same topic. Use the fancy dancy AI, probably with human helpers, to match up articles about given events.

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