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Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 424

The meaning of "progressive" is defined by the history of progressivism,

Typically meanings are "defined" by current usage, not (directly) history. You should know that.

And the reason they could get away with that and stay in business is that (1) government has limited competition and (2) government has limited the ability of customers to sue those companies.

For #1, let's take an actual example. How exactly did the gov't allow MS to become an OS near-monopoly for desktops?

Per #2, most of the customers I was paid to screw didn't even know it. You can't sue if you don't know you've been manipulated. Part of the art of manipulation is not letting the manipulated party know they've been had. (I'm not condoning it all. I just ended up in such situations.)

Further, much of it wasn't illegal, just sneaky. Most trickery is not illegal and shouldn't necessarily be illegal.

Comment Re:Buzzword du jour (Score 3, Insightful) 90

There's nothing intelligent about it. It's just fancy pattern-matching

The problem is that there is no clear-cut definition or dividing line. I've seen long online debates about this, and there are no good lines in the sand yet. All attempts failed key tests offered up, or were too subjective to evaluate well.

For one, we still don't know enough about how the human brain works such that we cannot say what distinguishes things called "AI" from something as powerful as the human brain. For all we know, the human brain is merely "fancy pattern matching" at a level of fanciness we don't understand yet.

Some call pattern-matching AI "lossy statistical analysis for the sake of speed/cost".

I suspect human brains also (typically) use abstract modelling of various sorts where symbols or some kind of ID's with attributes/links/factors are stand-in's for actual people and things to simplify certain cognitive processes. Thus, the human brain may merely be "fancy pattern matching" coordinated with "fancy modelling": statistics + modeling.

Various known AI techniques use pattern matching and others use modelling, BUT nobody has found a way to coordinate them together in a general-purpose way to reinforce each other (triangulate). It's as if we got all the key parts, but don't know how to put them together right. We don't know how to build central governors to coordinate AI "organs" for common goals.

Comment Re:Pollution standards good, but untennable (Score 1) 116

What about putting a car into a big closed warehouse/hanger-style building in a rural area away from roads, and for a few hours drive it around with a mix of stop-and-go and cruising, then measure the pollution in the warehouse?

Temperature and humidity may be difficult to control, but this would be more to catch cheating and blatant deviations from more controlled tests. In other words, controlled tests would still be the primary tool, but the warehouse test is to verify things don't differ too much from controlled tests.

It's less precise, but more realistic.

Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 424

As a "centrist-progressive", I find you characterization of "progressive" completely off. But that's probably a long and winding debate best for another medium.

However, you need to realize that government is pretty much the only source of "cheating and competition-killing oligopolies"

Hogwash. I've worked for multiple companies, big and small, where I was paid by them to cheat and mislead customers.

Gov't tends to have an incentive to be lazy over cheating, while the private sector is the reverse. That's my observation based on living in the real world, and I ain't young. Sorry, but I'll believe my own eyes over your pet theories.

Comment Fix your 2D first, MS. (Score 1) 87

GIMP is overkill for simple stuff: takes too long to load, its menus are too big/deep, and its defaults are set for giant images, not regular. (GIMP's defaults suck for lots of things, now that I think of it.)

For quicky web prep, often I need basic things like contrast, darken/lighten (alpha), tint, overall blur/sharpen, and spot blur/sharpen. If MS-Paint added those to its existing features, I'd need GIMP less than 5% of the time.

Comment Re:The video is clearly not fake (Score 2) 39

TFA: [NASA says] they don't have anything about a spacewalk on their schedule for today. If the livestreams are showing spacewalks, that's a big hint they're fake.

not fake...just not happening TODAY.

What if an astronaut goes for a rogue walk? Would NASA deny it simply because it's "not on the schedule"?

Can we please be at least a tiny bit accurate in our reporting, Slashdot?

Hell no, 1/3 of my mod-score is from poking fun of them.

Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 424

Yeah, that is the kinds of delusions progressives always have

Oh really. I guess my senses are bad and yours are good.

[Mad Max] That I don't have a problem with.

Why should I care what YOU want?

Social Darwinism was something advocated by progressives.

I don't know who originated the concept, but the Ayn Rand types have currently embraced it.

with deep and corrupt ties to both Democrats and Republicans.

Getting rid of gov't doesn't stop sneakiness and cheating and competition-killing oligopolies. If anything, it increases it.

Comment Re:where is your brain? (Score 1) 294

Are you actually asserting that demand is level 24 hours a day?

It can come very close.

In California, for example, a very large part of the demand is pumping water through aquaducts. By placing reservoirs along the way and doing most of the pumping during times of low electrical demand, California electrical utilities used to be able to keep the power demand nearly constant - and can still keep it much more level than in many other places.

Also: Coal plants can provide baseload, while wind and solar together do a great job of shaving peaks: Higher wind corresponds to higher HVAC load as well as higher generation. Solar not only tracks the air conditioning requirements but also comes close to tracking the daily load peaking - and solar plus wind tracks it even better, since the lake effect makes an afternoon-through-evening hump in wind generation.

at a power output proportional to the CUBE of the windspeed.

is this relevant somehow?

Yes, very. The steeply up-bending curve means that wind generators that are able to make use of high winds - which only happen for a tiny fraction of the time - have a peak power rating far above the average power they are able to produce in normal winds. So the peak power vastly overstates their average contribution.

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