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Comment The Real Comparison (Score 1) 230

While the new drugs are often less effective when compared to themselves, they are usually similarly or more effective when on top of the standard of care. For example, what tends to happen is that in the old studies with diuretics people had a systolic blood pressure going in of 200 mm Hg. Now, people are already on those diuretics and have a systolic blood pressure going in of 150 mm Hg. Given the same drug as a comparison, you often see that either the new drug is better in efficacy or similar in efficacy and better in safety.

Comment Re:Lockdown (Score 1) 414

My best experience in managing a moderate sized company was ~400 users where 80-90% of them had thin terminals and only needed about 10 apps. The terminal cost ~$300 each and the maintenance on the terminal was almost nil. If one wasn't working, a local "expert user" put it into a "broken" box and we would take it, reflash it, and if it still didn't work it was replaced. ~2%/yr broke (one every other month).

Comment Lockdown (Score 1) 414

In my experience, it's a function of how well you're doing your job and how locked down you can make the users' systems. If you do your job well and can effectively totally lock down the system (users install nothing, use Citrix, etc, and are only allowed to use a limited number of apps), that can be perfectly reasonable.

Comment Re:Wake me when they build it into the hard disk (Score 1) 386

But, the design delays when you would have to buy more disk space. The problem you're referring to is a problem to a specific disk usage scenario. Not all problems are the same, and if you're planning to mass-edit identical files that are a) large enough to make a meaningful impact on your disk usage and b) being edited in a non-uniform way, then don't use the de-duplication feature or plan ahead.


Pi Calculated To Record 2.5 Trillion Digits 432

Joshua writes "Researchers from Japan have calculated Pi to over 2.5 trillion decimals using the T2K Open Supercomputer (which is currently ranked 47th in the world according to a June, 2009 report from This new number more than doubles the previous record of about 1.2 trillion decimals set in 2002 by another Japanese research team. Unfortunately, there still seems to be no pattern."

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